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A new hot season ahead , first of all I hope everyone is doing good and second be nice people , the world can be a cruel place sometimes.


New dragons and riders will be released , we know few things from the hints pg gave us . Complete info will be shared by them soon I guess .

How much did you save for new season ?? I am gonna be honest , I am terrible at saving stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


As always appreciate the Poster, love PoseidonPQ’s work!


Puts a huge downer on the excitement of the new season if changes aren’t made.


Discount gauntlet is :horse: :poop:.

This event has limited points and teammates compete against each other for them. Few teams probably have all islands on cooldown at once, but even without that the top islands are worth a lot more points for the resources and teammates are competing against each other for those decent deals.

Also symbolically we will start the season bored out of our skulls killing tiny PVE bases for poor rewards and that’s your game.


Glad this announcement finally made it here!
Pg might consider making the first place a player
sees this is in game!

Well not the best pvp to start with but well who can do anything it’s pg hahaha… and about the saving part yea I did but not loads just 55k rubies and approx 250 golds that’s about it… lol

Well, the forums were slamming PG for potentially having KW during the discount period (since we thought KW would be the last PvP and they changed it to Temple Raid), so they did listen, right?

Maybe not the best PvP but still better than KW (I really wish that event would die).

It would be nice if they would reduce or even eliminate the cool downs on the islands so team members are not competing against each other though.


Right right. Folks, it could be so much worse.

This makes so much sense. The mega cooldowns on the islands is silly given what PG really wants are folks spending their butts off.


Never thought Id be hoping for KW at the start of a season but I guess I was when faced with the alternative. Gauntlet is such a stupid choice. If they’d just get rid of the stupid long island cooldowns then it could be a good event but as it is you’re fighting more with your own team than you are against other teams


I prefer KW, but yes, improving gauntlet would be better than just shuffling it around the calendar.

Fight Pits and Temple Raid were the last 2 PvPs, so with KW out of the mix Gauntlet was pretty much a given.

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I hate kingdom war with all my heart but it’s still better than gauntlet in the discount period cause we have to compete against our own team which is awful, some have to get shitty point at first in the event or the team isn’t gonna go anywhere. Im in a plat 4 team here and still the gustav and vampire island disappear in no time at all. Remove cooldown from the highest point Island so people can score good and rewarding for their efforts to get there is the first step


So it looks like whatever changes were being made to KW are still not ready. And so it’s probably a good thing that KW isn’t being deployed yet - it was already a highly unpopular event, and if the changes weren’t wholly positive, there’d be significant backlash.

I do hope that Gauntlet has been changed up, though. I know Galileo said he was looking into that. Competing against your own team for an artificially limited number of points, in a zero-sum game, is always unpleasant, not to mention bad for team and player morale. And to have it occur during the discount period…well. That’s all the more so, since it means that people will be less able to take advantage of the discount because their teammates are beating them to the points.


Let’s ping him about it. :wink:

@PGGalileo I know you get tagged A LOT, but with Gauntlet being the first PvP during a discount period, can you look into if the island cooldowns can be reduced or even eliminated so team members are not competing against each other? For reference, here’s the thread where it was previously discussed.


Who said KW was out? They said whatever they were doing with it wasnt ready a few weeks ago but if they had just done it last pvp then we could happily be enjoying Temple Raid this week instead of this nonsense :sob::sob::sob:

If they’d just finally fix the rediculous cooldowns them this would be fine

What I meant by “out of the mix” is that Galileo said he would let PG know that people didn’t like the idea of having KW during a discount period, so the only thing left was Gauntlet. :woman_shrugging:

This is totally weird, the week they expect people to spend the most they bring Gustav

@PGGalileo’s war dragons notification icon :rofl:


Meh. I think it is more like:
Do I dare look at the forums?


Il tipo con le penne blu pare strabico XD

Adding my voice to the number of people dissatisfied with Gauntlet.

The only PVP event where I’m competing against my teammates instead of against the other team (I mean, I guess it is still technically “PVP” in that I’m competing against other players (my teammates) to get the good bases before they get killed). But come on. Gauntlet sucks so much.

Garbage. Garbage. Garbage.