Sunscorch Season


Fire hunter

Ice warrior

Seasonal Dragons

Dark invoker

Wind sorcerer

Structure (subject to change)

19 keys for a mythic.
Festive has keys
Mission bonus line has a key!


Confirmed 3 discounts in the main thread.


Is hauhezen worth getting based on this info?

You should probably add the subject-to-change warning on the structure before ppl make stupid decisions based on it.


But that’s the best kind of decision. :thinking:

Hang on a minute, you’re not forScience

Anyway, 3 discounts is certainly interesting. It feels a bit like they’re trying to promote spending but throwing a lot of stuff at us (which isnt a bad thing). Afterall, no one would really be going for that week 6 warrior if it wasnt discounted. Overall this looks like a fun season.

It’s wierd that the BB went up by 500 sigils. The 1 extra key for a mythic is annoying but there are options out there to deal with it


Do we know how long each discount will last? First 2 weeks for first 2 discount? And 6th & 7th weeks for discount warrior? Anyone knows?


Damnit I wanna see the portraits! Lol


Lol me too… i go for the portraits not the dragons


What about how many keys for each line and rider special. Pleaseee @PGGalileo

The spellset looks… absolutely amazing. Bow to your new lord Atlas!

2 dodges/cloaks with 1 white = great
1 dodge/cloak which allows attacking = awesome
Passive damage increase
Ammo regen
White heal
Increased passive flight speed

This baby will dominate. No damage spike ability might make him obsolete faster in endgame Atlas. But for the rest of the playerbase, this thing is going to be in the roster for a year or more. His spellset will allow you to set up any base for a follower. His skillcap is going to be off the charts though.

Thank you PG for keeping the hauheset bloodline alive.


I need to know the elements :sob:

unless 1 week only of the double discount? and the second week comes during week 6?

@PGGalileo is this correct?

Krelos - Wind Sorcerer
Dross - Dark Invoker
Hauhezen - Fire Hunter
Lockjaw - Ice Warrior



Looks like a great season! Even discount dragon looks fun. Speed demon can make the difference in Atlas!

I say Krelos is the best discount sorcerer I’ve seen in a while.
But a question. When it’s attack says that it will dodge all projectiles, will it also dodge flak shots or not?


Generally yes, this appears to be in the same family as evasion and flash, meaning only beams will hit you.

Where you get this info from?

On top : )


Just some thoughts based on his spellset as posted by PGGalileo.
It’s basically Hauheset 2.0 but with even more punch. Chronoshift doesn’t seem to have limited amount of uses, and heals a X amount rather than rewind from Hau. It has 2 cloaks/dodges rather than 1. It has ammo regen, and damage increase. What more do you want? Oh right, increased flight speed baby!

All hail Hauhezen!