Sunscorch Super Sigil Chests

Who here is looking forward to these for a mythic this season? I know I am! :point_up_2:t3:


So. . . You came onto the forums just to say that? :neutral_face:


Uh huh

You need wait another week for them. I never bought or needed any of those with proper planning dont need them.

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Maybe team chat was quiet. I come here when team chat is lonely too.


When TC is quiet, I go to LC, when LC is quiet, I go to a GC. If all of my GC’s are quiet, I go to the forums. If the forums are quiet, I go and sit in the corner.


I know they are coming out next week

i don’t. already got both mythics, so…

Sooo, you came to the forums to write that?

People in glass houses…

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No need :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Credit cards do glorious things

To? Or do?

Why my apologies, it’s not so ez to type when you can’t see what ur typin

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These chests are so spenders can finish up their second divines!
Yep just more single play style favoritism that has lead to imbalance in all areas!
Sadly this is just another example of why our player base is dwindling!
If you play using activity and light spending these chests are not worth it !
If you spend it’s a easy way to ensure you can easily wrap up your season
And that’s about it!


Only the whales and the big spenders are looking forward to these! Lol
Light spenders won’t be able to invest enough in them to do anything other than shore up activity and hopefully ensure a divine this season provided they were active enough and prepared enough!
The free to play players could care less as they are overpriced!
The elite to play players are basically in the same position as most light spenders but are less likely to buy these because they are using activity and elite and saving to remain prepared and again since they hold little value they are not part of a smart savings plan these players save for the beginning of a season not for these chests that leaves grinders and we sure as hell aren’t wasting rubies we need to remain competitive on these chests lol :rofl:

Spenders rejoice! :rofl:your second divine is at hand ! :rofl:

Bro les be real for a sec here. No one wants to read that, I personally don’t have that kind of time, maybe try to keep it below 20 sentences ok?

I don’t like when u come back to 30 new posts that are rlly big :tired_face:

Sorry if your attention span is lacking
No ones forcing you to read this! :man_shrugging:
Nor was I replying to you!
last I checked this forum is not here purely for you!
Yep so read it or don’t :man_shrugging:Makes zero difference to me what you like or don’t like and that happens In life better get used to it !