SunScorch Week 10 - Fortification Frenzy

if i decide to build to mages from 1 to 105 all depends on pg and there new branch!

Crazy lady portrait wont come out until September 2nd.

Should be able to find enough timers:


I havent decided on which one to do yet. Do I want to push for 500 and spend the extra timers to possibly be able to hatch the new tier or just save them and do that at the start of Fall. It’s annoying that 16M doesnt have better prizes
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@PGGalileo It would be great if we could possibly find out ahead of time what the level requirements will be to hatch the new tier and to get Den levels 121 and 122

Where is everyone getting these event calculators?

here u go


I was going to go to 494, but then I’d be seriously short of clocks, so adding some levels to my mills instead.

Can we know what level is required to be able to level up the den to level 122 @PGGalileo .

Thank you

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prob over 500 lol as u cant level mills max unless u are 500 so that be my guess

Zilch release with discount ?

has festive dragon been released at half price ever? :thinking: -i can’t remember thru this… drunkenness.

We should just be happy keys are attacked.

But PG would be smart to make the Festive Dragon contain a unique mythic glyph. Something you can look forward to, just like the Exotic Rune.

Yes, Anuba and Kirin were both discounted, and maybe Nydryr

But no, Zilch shouldnt be discounted. I dont know why people think we’re suddenly going to have a 4th discounted line

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no one knew bout a new pylon line either so i guess no one will ever figure out what goes on in PG minds🙆‍♂️


Lol remember that one time pg released a new tower and didn’t tell us about it until the day of release? And then did the same thing with another tower? Fun times

actually they dont have to give release of info! but it also does not matter to many of us as we have the sigils if we want its more of a extension of the ch line and it comes into the new season also so more timers who knows how many but still more!

I’ll have timers left over and only go up to 418 because I somehow am behind on breeding :thinking: should have mythic emps but only have legendary

I need forth plan link

There u go

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From game files:
494 for den level 121
495 for den level 122