SunScorch week 11 - Temple Raid

This is so true. I enjoy the beginning of this event, but by Monday I detest it.

It takes me about 25 minutes to do all the temple guardians (quitting at 70%). Doing that 15+ times during the event is mind numbingly boring.


That comment is wrong. You would be surprised how many non spenders high leagues have. There gets spend way more in low sapphire and Platinium.
Adding more tiers will turn this event in an total Pve event also, when your team does up to 25+ temples per event its getting even more into a pve event.

I believe that. I was imprecise, when I say spend in this case I partly mean resources (energy and inner fire) and partly mean money but on average, which may be distorted by a small number of super whales. Maybe not even that’s true. I just dunno why people would suffer through pvp in diamond the way they’re set up.

Temples exhaust me well before we hit 25, but the pve nature isn’t a problem for me, it’s just be doing 12 extra attacks N times, and there’s always a weakest or boringest tier that I dread doing. Would pay good inner fires for a raid button.


I would say this is true of everything except backing or defending yourself, but there’s a really simple solution.

Is this a joke or did they seriously release this into the game this weekend?? :rofl: please tell me this was just another glitch

I dont know who still has the time to play multiple accounts lol. To have one competive its allready a fulltime job, well it feels like it :roll_eyes:
@henfon there are a lot of those “super whales” in leagues below S2 with bases better then a lot on Diamond Teams just saying. The spending in higher leagues massive went down over last year.

Don’t play? Really not sure what you are getting at here, but doing temple guardians just takes too much time. In other events I get by just fine doing megas from my 3 accounts. Temple Raid is just exhausting (and tedious) if I wish to take advantage of the guardian opportunities.

I actually didn’t attack any guardians myself this event. Just threw a few megas. We need some fresh pvp.

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100% this event is making me want to quit playing. Seems like I’m saying that a lot recently :thinking:


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