SunScorch - Week 13 - LAST EVENT - KINGDOM WARS

Last event of the season . KINGDOM WARS is back with tweaks . We will find out more when the blog post is out .

What we get this week :

Kingdom Wars Event Return
SuperSigils Chests
Possible Preview of the New Season

Perfect week to test KW , end of season , everyone is saving .

How’s your savings for the new season ??? I know I am spending mine on honey moon :rofl:

Have a nice week :slight_smile:



Hoping the tweaks are that they’ve made it into Gauntlet


I saw a poster on line. Very neon and similar to WW 1984.

I already have what i want this season
Both mythic and timer for next fort so I just get the minimum then take a nap for the rest of the week


I will be curious to see if they integrated any of the feedback from the last time they tried to run Kingdom Wars into this run of Kingdom Wars. Or were they just fixing the event so that it would actually work.


I hated KW before the changes, and I hate him even now. The only thing that comforts me is knowing that the new season will have no KW in the first 2 weeks :see_no_evil::joy:


Kw anyway is just a sucking contest with sharing monuments over the event for ranking.


Oh look!

It’s Kingdom Wars!

That is all.


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Is this whole sentence a euphemism?

Yesss Yesss Yesss it’s a vacation week :heart: :heart:
( it’s always a vacation when there are KW)

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mmmmmokay team minimum it is then, no more.
I don’t need anything else, I’ve finished the season long ago, so this event is not something of a big importance personally. So let this experiment happen, if something goes terribly wrong again, not a big deal :smile: I’m glad it’s not in the beginning of the new season

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Last pvp of a season is an excellent time for KW so we dont have to deal with it during discount week. I do still need some sigils to finish things up if Im going to get the exotic glyph but Im waiting to see if they throw anything else last minute at us like another mystery line.

Let’s see if the event even works or if it is still as broken as that lamp that I tried to ductape back together when I was 8


Since the new prizing introduced , kw following the same personal prizing as fighting pits ( increased pts requirements on personal ) ,
So team achievements prizing also changed to same as fighting pits?
Then only it will be fair …

Thank you


Kingdom war’s sole appeal to me at this point is getting a shot at a mythic ammo drop :joy: I hope I finally get one this time, my zen is miserable because it’s yet to get one equipped :disappointed_relieved:


I believe mythic ammo was added to all pvp events you don’t need KW anymore lol

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Nope, it was only added to fight pits


That’s at least another shot at it in the event rotation :+1:

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Yes! I’ve had horrible luck so far, so I definitely need an extra shot at a mythic ammo :tired_face:

Silver chest…well…all chest really…they all need updating and scaled up slightly as currently the only real rune worth seeking in silver chests is that single ammo rune!? :man_shrugging: Sorry we didn’t need more chest types we needed better more flexible chest drop tables and would not hurt to look at bracketing drop for those over 300 and again at 400 to make grinding these chests a viable catch up mechanic and a way to stay relevant as step one in balancing our economy moving forward :facepunch:
Instead we got a riskier chest type that does not address the lack of flexibility at all
and is not obtainable by flying?
Only furthering the gap between spending and grinding :man_facepalming:
The sole purpose for collecting silver chests should not be the acquisition of a single
Highly sought after rune! :man_shrugging:
Nor should have the ammo rune ever been only obtainable thorough a single event such as kingdom wars!
Let’s hope that rune remains available in the new rendition of KW and in both events moving forward :facepunch: