Sunscorch week 3 mystery branch

Since there is no official post about this weeks mystery branch I’ll start one here.

From the looks of it, the branch will work similar to the branch we had last season, which was:

  • Five days of prizes
  • Each day has five new prizes, available only for one day
  • Prizes can be claimed in any order
  • Most prizes can be claimed up to 5 times

Let’s use this topic as a discussion thread for it, at least until an official thread appears.

As always I’ll keep track of the season prizes in a google sheet here


u rock morri

do you think 500 sigil for inner or energy is worth it?

I’m curious about this too, my alt only has 600 packs to last the season

My personal value analysis for day 1:

200% xp boosts: 75 boosts for 300 sigils. Not as good as the xp branch we had last season in week 13, about twice the cost. Still 300 sigils is about 1500 rubies worth, so still better value than buying them directly in the forge for 6000 rubies. But anyone who picked up the branch last season will have a lifetime supply of these already.

Legendary Sorcerer HP rune: Not a very exciting rune, will drop from silver chests fairly easily, and very few people have tons of sorcerers to rune up. It’s not very expensive if for some reason you do need one.

Energy Packs: A little hard to value. Normally takes 46 gold chests to get these, but of course the majority of the value in those golds is in their timers and sigils. I think it would be reasonable to consider packs to be about 10% of a gold chests value (with another 10% inners, 20% sigils, 60% timers). With that arbitrary key, these packs are worth 1840 rubies in gold chests, making 2500 rubies worth of sigils a fairly high cost. I would skip these.

Inner Fires: Gold chests actually have significantly more inner fires than energy packs (by about 50%), but this branch values them the same. By that metric, this offer is significanly worse value than the energy packs which were already borderline. I’d pass on these even if you’re short on inners, better invest in gold chests.

Crafting Shards: 100k shards for 500 sigils is rubbish for anyone active in Atlas, considering you can easily get a million shards a week there. For people without atlas shards are very hard to come by, and this is pretty good value compared to bronze chests and rider lines, so it is an option if these are the elements you need.



That’s a very good assessment of the value of the prizes it will not couse me any misery skipping any one of those prizes

I’d be curious to know if the rune is different in stats. I don’t expect it to be though

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Good question, but I don’t think it is. Looking at the rune list at there’s no legendary sorcerer rune out there with different stats.

I got the rune. Needed it personally. Maxed 3% hp bonus and secondary Dark Flak resist. 2.5% I think, cant fully remember.

Just counted through earlier screened drops. After full cycle (39 kegendaries), 5 legendaries with 15 energy packs, and 12 epics with 4. So, 17 chests purely with energy. 400 rubies per chest, so 6800 rubies per 123 packs, 55 ruby per pack. 50 packs then equal to about 2800 rubies.

P.S. still would skip.

Thank you!

Please print this and hang it on your wall:

Link to PDF


Thanks Morrison! Great job as always!

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Morreion* damn autocorrect :joy:


Any info on day 2 analysis?

Analysis for day 2:

Gold Chests 10 gold chests drop 200 sigils on average, and these cost 300. For a net cost of 100 sigils (~500 rubies) you get 10 days of timers plus pvp stuff or embers. Excellent deal.

Mystic Fragments 40 fragments is the equivalent of 8000 egg tokens if you spend them on endgame dragons. At lower levels where dragons are discounted fragments are worth much less. At endgame level, you’re effectively getting about 2 tokens per ruby. That’s worse than the 3 tokens per ruby for grinding balloon missions, but not terrible. It’s an ok deal if you need more breeding stuff. If you’re not close to endgame, it’s not a good deal because of the lower relative value of fragments.

Xp Potions Lol no

Legendary Rune of Wisdom Secondary is HP, same as one of the ones from last season. If you already have one it’s effectively 35 chisels (having two saves you removing one), and that’s not great value for 200 sigils. It is of course very good if you didn’t get it last time.

Lumber Packs Lol no


Thank you @Morreion !!! We appreciate you :hugs::hugs:

Are the wisdom runes stackable? Or is the go secondary stopping you from equipping both?

Thanks! Gonna grab the gold chest.

Last season there where 2 of them, one with dragon hp one with attack as their secondary use. Since this identical to the dragon hp one it can’t be stacked with that one.