Super Attacks: What Happened?

What happened with super attacks? I feel like the are possibly one of the most commonly used and yet. They give possibly the worst return. This feels like the middle class,slowly being driven to extinction:

Regular with 3 IF = 500
Super with 3 IF = 875

Let’s read the description now:

Regularx1 bonus
Superx4 bonus

Last time I checked 500 x 4 does not equal 875. I get PG wants to push megas so they are the only way to get points and make regular attacks do so little that you can’t get anything done. But seriously? This is absolutely ridiculous.


Wasn’t it always that way? Inner fire give an additional 100% of the BASE point value.

Regular 125 base points with 3 IF = 125 + (125 * 3) = 500
Super 125 base points with 3 IF = (125 * 4) + (125 * 3) = 875


Normal attack = 100% effectiveness
Super attack = 5x attack, 4x points (80% effectiveness)
Mega attack = 45x attack, 30x points (66,7% effectiveness)

Each has its own use IMO.

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Are we serious here NotPanda?

You should know better than this buddy

I mean I do know better, but its been further scaled back. I mean, am I surprised…no. Is it a dick move? Yes.

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It has been exactly like this from the start, not sure what you’re on about.


No it’s been like this for a long long while man…Starting to sound like more of a lion than a Panda :man_shrugging:


Im not sure about the exact duration but there was a time when supers gave closer to 1000 vs 875

For this event? Or was it a different event that has different multipliers? Each event is different…

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I thought it was one with similar math to how this one should be…but I could also be losing it.

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Well, I certainly hope you’re not losing it :smiley:

Not sure when the start was for you, but I can positively say that super attacks with IF were once the sweet spot of time and resources.

Now, they are a complete waste…

What has changed?
How IF stack (or don’t) and the removal of the bonus meter.

Now, the super attack itself has always been this way, but the ROI is abysmal compared to what it once was.


I assume you are approaching this from more
Of a I know I used to get more points

Almost all events used to have some kind of small multiplier that stacked on top of the inner fires, which depending on the event could get you larger points. Many moons ago the events that are now retired used to give higher points.

This event, all of the multipliers happen before the inner fires are added.


Yep. I remember IF used to give a PERCENTAGE increase to total score.

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And that percentage is different for normal, super, and Mega. Actually, the amount is exactly one standard attack (perhaps with 1-2 points tolerance)…

I just thought a super attack was a good mixture if you didnt have thousands of dollars you wanted or 18 hours per day you wanted to spend on the game. I think PG saw balance and realized it had no place in their game and torched it. So…thank you for that.

I was wondering about this. Did they stack multiplicatively at any former point? That would make composability decisions slightly interesting, as opposed to the current dominant strategy. (Roughly, “use thingy on big points for funs.”)

No man… You’re missing it. Maybe you have not been around long enough. IDK. That is not a comment against you at all–more just that those of us who have been around for a long time have a different sense of the game and what it was and what is has become. When I started, there were no such things as seasons. You got the divine dragon just by–wait for it–playing the game.

Between the way things like the difficulty rating and speed and the bonus meter, a super attack with 3 IF could net you easily 1800-2000 points. And if you had 4 IF, you would be pushing 2200-2400 points.

The funny thing is, the event caps haven’t really changed. But getting all the prizes now (even just the visible ones–let’s ignore the fact that there a bonus prizes for really high performers) is not even remotely possible.

And the end of the game is so far away now. If I were starting now, I think the odds I kept playing would be much lower. Obviously, that’s hard to say for certain… and that’s all water long under the bridge now.

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It was something like that. Because each one that you added gave you more additional points than the previous one.

I honestly don’t remember. But I know I was easily clearing double the number of points I can get now. And this was when I was a dragonling.

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I only saw bonus meter in one event till now, and rewards were scaled crazily to compensate for that.
I wonder if bonus meter addition was really helpful overall except deceptively visible points increase, leading to satisfaction. I really wonder why it was removed in case that was true. :thinking:
No numbers to confirm though.