Super Bowl predictions?


Hey i’m just going off what all the news papers are gonna say lol


Just laughing at the American centre of the universe world view :rofl:


CFL is a thing too. :slight_smile:

Do they really use “World Champs” for football? Even the World Series is a bit of a stretch but at least that actually has more international players.


I predict that the ball will cross the goal line several times. I think the ball is the real winner here

Go sports



Unfortunately, yes… :woman_facepalming:


Well, I guess they are the only National Football League in the “world” so technically…

Hats off to the birds, you guys outplayed us. I wonder who will be your QB next season? Reminds me of the Brady/Bledsoe changing of the guard.

Maybe the Pat’s will pickup your discarded one. They both deserve to be starters.

As much as I hate to say it, I think NE is going back to a drought like we had prior to 2000. Was a great run and so many NE fans are spoiled.


Better than the Cubs only winning once in MLB history, I guess :rofl:


Jeez do not jinx us like that for 1 loss. That is depressing to hear :sob::sob::sob:


I guess I’m just blue that our staff is all leaving and whatever is going on with Butler. Not trying to jinx. I hope I’m wrong. Good news is the equipment truck headed to Spring training today. :sunny:


Spring training it’s still winter


Not at Jet Blue park in sunny Ft. Meyers. :sunny:

First Spring training game is 2/23

Regular season opens 3/29 in Tampa



I am also into sportsball :rofl: