Super Bowl predictions?


Hey i’m just going off what all the news papers are gonna say lol


Just laughing at the American centre of the universe world view :rofl:


CFL is a thing too. :slight_smile:

Do they really use “World Champs” for football? Even the World Series is a bit of a stretch but at least that actually has more international players.


I predict that the ball will cross the goal line several times. I think the ball is the real winner here

Go sports



Unfortunately, yes… :woman_facepalming:


Well, I guess they are the only National Football League in the “world” so technically…

Hats off to the birds, you guys outplayed us. I wonder who will be your QB next season? Reminds me of the Brady/Bledsoe changing of the guard.

Maybe the Pat’s will pickup your discarded one. They both deserve to be starters.

As much as I hate to say it, I think NE is going back to a drought like we had prior to 2000. Was a great run and so many NE fans are spoiled.


Better than the Cubs only winning once in MLB history, I guess :rofl:


Jeez do not jinx us like that for 1 loss. That is depressing to hear :sob::sob::sob:


I guess I’m just blue that our staff is all leaving and whatever is going on with Butler. Not trying to jinx. I hope I’m wrong. Good news is the equipment truck headed to Spring training today. :sunny:


Spring training it’s still winter


Not at Jet Blue park in sunny Ft. Meyers. :sunny:

First Spring training game is 2/23

Regular season opens 3/29 in Tampa



I am also into sportsball :rofl:


Strange that this thread showed up when I clicked “latest”. Also strange that my team is in the Superbowl for the 3rd time in three years.

Granted they lost last year but I for one am surprised again.

Go Pats!


:goat: > :ram:


Whoever wins, I just hope they’re nice to the superb owls.

Image result for superb owl


If you guys hadn’t broken Jimmy G you might have been in the big game. Really expect big things from him.

Owls are so freakin cute (from a distance).


Not so cute when they fly into your windshield on a dark winding road in the middle of the night. Had a huge one do that to me years ago and scared the hell out of me. Its wings spanned the entire windshield. Still wonder to this day where he flew off to afterwards cause I couldn’t find it when I stopped to look for it lol.


yikes. I can’t imagine.

I almost got taken off my motorcycle by a low-flying turkey to the head. If I hadn’t ducked my goose would have been cooked.