Super Egg Chest?

Can we get this please? I would spend the shit out of these if they were reasonably priced. Ie. 5k rubies gets you about 12k eggs. Make it balanced for lower level players of course, 12k eggs for them would be like 1m for us level 300+ players. Or maybe a double egg drop for gold chests for double the amount of eggs for limited time.


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Yes pls, super egg chest :slight_smile:

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I support this

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Please I need eggs

EASTER is around the corner, come on PG :joy:


I think it should be the same for everyone. If it is adjusted based on level, a lot of low level player would complain. Even if the price is adjusted, it would be unfair.

I think the content should be 125 (optional), 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 and 3000 with the 3000 being guaranteed at the end.

if by chance that you get all 250, the minimum is 5250 egg tokens which is quite good.


You have my vote Sir.

Everything in this game is weighted based on level. No, new players should not get same rewards just because. Look at lumber and food drops in gold chests.

food and wood packs is a fair one to be level based since you can’t actually use 400K Food pack if you can only handle 20K food on your storage hut.


Fair point. Hmm…


I support this idea 100%. :smiley:


Elite+Season Token Bonus or Breeding Event=80 tokens on first egg mission

30 Rubies = 80 Egg Tokens

13,333.3 Egg Tokens per 5000 Rubies (Super Sigil Chest amount)

Since this type of chest would be a limited time chest just like the Super Sigil Chest, I figure you should get a good chance to obtain slightly more egg tokens from this chest than from the Token Missions.


Legendary Drops:

  • 10,000
  • 7,500
  • 5,000

Epic Drops:

  • 3000
  • 2,000
  • 1,000


  • 500
  • 300

Guaranteed 1 legendary and 3 epic drops per 10 chests. This means minimum of 9,800 tokens per 10 chests. Just my ideas :smile: :upside_down_face:

I support this post…solution to the sapphire wall, garnet and emerald walls? No, but will help and love to see this


also take note the amount of time you need to get that amount using only 5000 rubies + healing potion + boost.

Instant or effort.

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DefendPlease, I like it!

And I think lower levels dont need egg tokens as much as mid and high levels. I dont think I would have spent my rubies on eggs when I was below level 100. I even cursed when I got tokens in gold chests back then…

Well the level requirement to get high costs of eggs wouldn’t/shouldn’t be that high as you can start breeding the expensive shit at what, level 108?

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Some players have level one ember so no healing potions…or boosts. Not all of us have that though. It’ll be hard to get the perfect amount. 9,800 is less than 13,333 as a minimum by over 3000 tokens so I’d say my numbers are not too crazy. Just take note that the 10,000 legendary is EXTREMELY rare to get lol

Yes yes yes please

You’ve got my vote! These would be lovely, esp. during breeding events. I can only grind token missions for so long before my eyes bleed.

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Just saying that giving that huge amount would probably ruin the game than to help.

Surely, a lot of players would pay a lot of money to get those end-game dragons or save enough (2-3 million or something), but the focus should be to get past the Sapphire wall.

I think that it should have a limit where only those who haven’t bred 1 Garnet dragon can buy it during breeding event (much like ember). However, this is going to be abused though by not simply breed until you have enough breeding token to get all the dragon until harbinger.