Super hammers? Where do I get these?

Recent battle (cropped to protect the guilty):

Before you say “visual glitch” remember that I was running a packet capture. So, I can say with certainty it was not.

So, how does a single hammer repair 17M HP on a tower?

This was not the only one, it was the highest one (in this battle).


I won’t call out any names… But one of the defenders in this battle (and in a few others I captured) cried loudly against the “hackers” and cheaters who were ruining the game for fair players.

Interesting how things turn.

Also of note is the rapidly dropping super hammers… They did not exceed the limits… But I don’t know how it’s possible to coordinate so many hammers so well while also doing attack and defense buffs and triggering Super shots.

Presumably 17m was 40% of the tower HP at the time. All you have to do is change the universal constant of gravity. Easy stuff.

Also I have the dragnet intro song stuck in my head due to the first line.


They now heal for 40%?

Not that it matters… Based on the numbers I was seeing, the MOST they should have healed for was maybe 6M.


Haha. :joy::joy::joy:

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Probably not, but I thought mech had posted that somewhat recently. I never checked, and a quick search doesn’t find anything right now, so I probably just have bad memory.

Either way, you would need to do the math to see what the max HP would be and then compare that to the levels of the towers if 17m is 40% the 4.25m would be 10% right, so 100% should be 42.5m. What level were their towers at?

Same battle… Different defender.

Same towers even… Let me get that level for you.

Also, pretty sure it’s a 30% 45% heal… But I won’t stake my argument on that. [I have confirmed it is a 45% heal from a hammer and a 30% heal (base) from a farm or mill SS.]

(sorry for the washed out look. I use red shift at night. So the Screenshots are far more red. I’ve corrected as best I can.)


Is this accurate and/or of use in this thread? :t_rex:


I can’t tell if that’s a 6 or an 8 over that farm, but either way, it dropped over half. That’s way more than suspicious

Only if it’s up to date, they could have changed it at any point

Edit: I haven’t exactly been checking the number values daily, I don’t have THAT much free time

Looks like it might be

I found a few other posts when I search for 45%


I’m totally saving this image, where did you find it?

The farms and mills in this battle are at 63 or 62.

Let’s play a math game…

63 farm - - 12M base hp. Let’s be gracious and assume 80% HP buff… And then throw on an extra 20% just for kicks.

24M HP…

Let’s be generous and assume hammers do heal 40%.

That means the farm needs to have 42.5M HP.

If they heal only 30%, the farm needs to have 56.7M HP.

Am I correct in assuming the 80% HP boost is pearch related? And then Atlas monuments are 20%? I didn’t know they were different from the normal gaes 30% boost.

I’m 99% sure @mechengg posted it not too long ago. Forgive me if I’m mistaking you for someone else mech :sweat_smile: :t_rex:

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Can you show this with towers other than farms?

There is black magic (undocumented modifiers)

I Definitely don’t have it figured out but I noticed if I dump on my lumber and food buffs, it seems
To give them drastically more HP, especially when combined with research and perch buff and atlas armor… I have seen plots that neptus couldn’t kill when unloading his entire ammo into it. I have also seen similar happen on my base when production buffs are active.

Until I saw hp numbers published I used to think they derived hp from production or capacity
Or something.

Taken from the “healEffect.csv” as of yesterday…

Hammers farm and mill super shots heal 30%. Hammers heal for 45%.

Sure… some other towers as examples.

I was trying to be generous and doubled the HP… It’s still not enough.

17m is 45% so, 1.88888m or 1 & 8/9 or 17/9 is 5% so, 340/9 or 37 & 7/9 is 100% what is that? 37.78m

It still doesn’t matter, since the second defender healed less than half of what the 1st defender healed, there is obviously something suspicious going on.