Super Heated Breath and storm towers


Has the spell “super heated breath” ever actually done what it claims? And should it still be doing that?


Mehaten is the only one with the empowered version. The standard breedable dragons only receive the damage buff as Heated Breath. Abraxxas and Zamrok actually have a different version of Superheated Breath, which is 1 rage, +65% damage for 5s.

There are various posts on the old forums about it too.


I remember a teammate bringing this up and after some researching it with my own dragons… Nope. It does not at all. All it gives is an attack increase.


“AFTER Radiance is cast it will pierce through shields”. Mehaten is the only dragon with the radience spell so he is the only one who can use this to the fullest extent.

The screenshot you are showing is the empowered version only Mehaten can use.

The others all get a lesser version which increases damage


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