Super Laggy on Note 8

Ever since I switched from my iPhone to the Note 8, my game is almost unplayably laggy. I just tried to do a war run, i took six shots from my garnet Nec at a lvl25 mage and it took zero health. It’s super choppy when I fly with any dragon at any graphics level. Someone help me please. This phone is more than capable of playing war dragons. I run PUBG at max settings and it’s buttery smooth.

Which iphone did you have?

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Worked fine on my 7+

Does it have something to do with your internet connection?

I have a Note 5 and it plays well on it. I am going to upgrade in the next few months to a Note 8, Please let us know on here if you figure out and fix your issues. I also play my Alt on my old note 3 and it also plays fine, wifi only on that one.

there is a glitch on most Samsung Galaxy 7, 8 and Note 7 + 8 devices…

PX announced it should be better with the update after 4.10

I’m hoping it does. I haven’t hardly played since I changed phones :expressionless:

I will let you know if I find a work around before the update.

And DefendedSkies, it’s definitely not my internet. Lags on Verizon LTE and Xfinity 150mbps internet.

Thanks for the update

Cleared app cache and it seems to be working fine now.

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Same problem here, even after cache cleaning…

This game is made for iPhone, once you switch to the other phones you’re liable to crappy running of the game. :smiley:

Its been laggy forever on my samsung S7.
I tried everything right from reinstall, clearing cache to hard reset. Nothing seems to work.
I assure you its not the issue with device.
Its just the game, as coach said.

Also, I don’t understand whats the purpose of releasing it for android when its laggy AF.
I know they are trying to improve, but there are many cross platform graphic intensive games for mobiles which seem to be working fine. Don’t really understand what other special conditions are required to improve android experience.

Becuase there are users who are willing to pay for it.

The usual circumstance here is that a game is developed for iOS. It’s then chruned through a magic box which spits out an android compatible version.

Same problem on all Galaxy devices (S9+ on my end) and I am returning it for that reason.
PG will solve it not with the upcoming update, but the update after that… There is a post about this already. :ok_hand:t2:
If you ask me, it will take many months…

I also have 5-10 crashes a day on Android (Galaxy S9+) and 0 crashes on my iOS (iPhone 8 Plus)
iOS devices run this game incomparably better as initially this game was made for that platform.
The experience is vastly different.

Huge difference. I ran it on iPhone 7+, iPhone X, and an iPad Pro. All ran with little to no issues whatsoever. Had more problems on my Note 8 in one day than I have in a long time on three apple devices. Shame I don’t wanna go back to apple.

Why would/should I, as a user care about how it is programmed?
Its understandable that they want money, but selling same product with inferior quality? Does it make sense?

Yes it does, because it’s PG.

Lol welcome to android haha glad I got mine on ipad

Miss my iPad already :cry: it’s broke at the moment so I’m stuck swapping two accounts on my phone.