Super Laggy on Note 8




Update to this. Was running great till the last update. Reinstalled it. Now I can’t even get into the game at all… no error message or anything, it just crashes on the loading screen around 80% every time I open it.


enjoy time outside in real life is what I hear as the message.



Any updates yet?


It works… but barely. Still really laggy, but it works. Using performance mode on my phone helps a little but it never runs like it did on my iPhones.


got curious

how would u rate note 8 among android devices?

excluding iphones n ipads


Top notch buddy. I love the note 8 and I’ve had all of the galaxy phones up to the S7 and every iPhone except the 8.


for wd performance xD

sry that i didnt clarify


Oh I dont know. This is the only android I’ve played it on.


It runs fairly well though for the most part