Super Rejuvenate - only heals 20%


I am flying an un-buffed riderless Sage. When flying her, the Super Rejuvenate only heals 20% of my hit points. Support has stated that it is working fine and it is healing 30% of her base hit point.

To me, this does not make sense. What are base hit points if not the hit points that an non-buffed dragon has to start a fight?

Please let me know so I have a better understanding of the game.

Thank you very much.

Keep in mind base points are before any research buffs you may have (+4% dragon health, etc)

probably without hp boost and dragon hp researches.

note that it only heals 30% of the [BASE] health of the dragon.

If it got boosted by research or HP boost, it is not counted to the healing amount.

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Thanks, I didn’t consider research, that is what must be throwing me off.

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