Super Runic Chests

What about the super runic chests coming at the last 2 weeks of the season with the super sigil chests? But you know the problem about them is the prize and everyone thinks they are trash. I suggest 5000 ruby cost of 10 runic chest, the same with sigil chests, at the end of the season, epic, legendaries and mythics inside. So people decide which to go for. Just an idea @PGGalileo


what for .? chisels give way more better chances of moving runes around than buying new ones . Since pg has made glyphs harder and harder to get even super runic were not good for them either

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I guess you are one of the end game players. I know your doing good stuff but try to think people who just have maybe 1-2 mythic runes, not even legendaries for everthing… So there are bunch of people in this situation, where because there is no rune there is no something to change it’s place. In addition, why not? Why not a chest that contains nice rune possibility? You can still change your runes position :man_shrugging:

Reason : Cause super runics were awful and pg refused to change them .

I am suggesting get discount branches to get some runes , try to get quests done to get legendary glyph , or do well in events .