Super seals chest

Can I find the super seals chests in the next event??
Thanks and I’m sorry for this stupid question

Most likely. At least, in the last 2 seasons Super Sigils are available for last 2 events (though in the last events, it’s only available during weekend).

It’s for these last two weeks of the season

:scream: No in-between Silver Chest?
That means no free sigil chest next event…


I asked about super sigils before they came out and this is the response I got the other day…looks like now that I read it again there will be a break when this event ends and the next event begins.

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As they mentioned in this pic , available for 2 weeks
But in sigil chest they made one mistake , wintertide sigils is blue colour know but in that chest it’s showing as yellow ( in chest box pic )

u have no chill… srsly.

translation please?

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