Super secret cyborg dragon? 🤯🤫

So update and look at the icon for war dragons. Looks suspiciously like a super secret cyborg dragon doesn’t it? If that’s not the case then I know what I’m wishing for this summer season. Order up! One super secret cyborg dragon. (This dragon comes in a happy meal bag) rated e for everyone.

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So apparently this is based on art for the new tier of dragons being released:) pickle pickle. Hmmm well that can only lead to the assumption that there will be possible cyborg divines:) lets call that season wrath of the machine if it’s not owned by Bungie that is.

It isn’t that super of a secret if everyone can see it lol

Lol I was being comical. It only leaves us to insinuate.


Not to be confused with Super Secret Secret Squirrel.

(Serious note: I cannot comment on unreleased content, I’m just making goofs.)


For those wondering what the hell it is about, here is the pic that makes @Kingdread13 's blood pressure go havok :joy::joy::joy:

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Get over here!

And for those who miss the video game reference - your youngens


U know me lol super psyched!

I’m sorry to quench your enthusiasm so soon, but I actually think the illustrated Dragon looks very bulky… This is probably a Warrior, like they usually show on these little illustrations…

For a high level like you I guess it must be hard :tired_face:… Be strong, you’ll get over it… :cry:

This super secret cyborg dragon better have firmware update capability that will allow it to gain new evolution stones for every new tier that is released in perpetuity.

Video for new dragons are out

Here’s the info on them

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Where did you find the info? Your photos are blurry

They are photos copied from line chat

Oh Omg I said I wanted a hunter with Aoe, cloak and a heal. I won’t see these dragons for years but they are pretty awesome looking

Adaptive resist :heart_eyes: they better be giving a divine dragon that ability next season!

That is pretty cool.

Not that it’s relevant to me by a long shot but doesn’t look very interesting other than the new resist. Guessing it has a CD so you can’t spam it to generate rage

3 warriors :roll_eyes:

This is unclear how long bloodfury last. It’s important to know since rage he is reduced during the activation of the spell…