Super Sigil Average Amount

Done Equestor and obtain sapphire stone for Avyx
Left 10K sigils for Avyx and have to complete Gladicus and then Neptus.
Was just wondering what is the Average drop for sigils in Super Sigils Chest?

Historically it has been just over 1k per 5k rubies.
Edit: the red envelopes were a much better deal than the super sigil chests.


The average should be approximately 1125 Sigils per 10 Super Sigil Chests.

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That sounds a bit high. Did you pull that from averages last season?

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damn it … I missed the chance then seriously wanted Neptus but looks like its a no goal. :frowning: Well better try other season :slight_smile: thank you for the info

That is the Average? Still doubt I have enough to get Neptus though :frowning: Thank you I shall calculated the average for this season. At least the amount you given can give me a little hope :slight_smile:

Yes, there was also a post where others confirmed similar numbers with large pulls.
But ofc there is no guarantee that PG chamges droprates or that you don‘t have a few super unlucky draws.

Perfect thanks! Was just double checking, i saw that thread in passing but didn’t read in depth

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800-1000 seems to be the average. I’ve gotten as low as 550 though

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I got 55,000 sigils from 220,000 rubies. That works out to 1250 per group of 10. That includes the bonus legendary for every 30 opened. Each group of 10 ranged from 550 to 2500.


I think if you open 10 super sigil, there is a guaranteed legendary on the 10th one. I don’t know if it’s true though, but from what I see from people’s post last season, that was the conclusion that I get.

Found it: Super sigil drop research fall 2017

most fall super sigil gave a legendary on the 10th one and a chance of legendary for the 9 other chest. So NEVER open a single super sigil unless you have 29/30 which is okay to open 1 for the free legendary super sigil chest.

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Very precise numbers, thank you. My average of 1125 excluded the bonus chest every 30 opens so this should be very exact :+1:t2:

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All depends on luck…lol
I saw a screenshot last year of 2500 sigils from 10 Super sigil Chests and also saw under 500 from 10 sigil Chests years back.
But yeah the average is around 1000. If I were you I’d use 1000 just to be safe

Yep it’s 100% luck, the more you buy the more likely you are to get better results

This is one I got screwed over with in the summer

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Just got 500 sigils in my free bonus :facepunch: Booya!

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Free one was better


Ive never once gotten more than 250 and that tradition continued this time too. Luckly Im basically done with this season.

Can we start Spring already, what’s taking so long?

Forgive me for asking, this is my first season ever, these sigil chests you get them only by spending rubies?

Yes, only with rubies. Unless you had 30 silver chests opened but hadn’t opened the bonus chest.


Well, I had that , got legendary=250 sigils