Super sigil chest average

For 150k rubies…how much sigils approximately we get from supersigils chest.

About 30k sigils. Approx 1000 sigils per 10 chests which cost 5000 rubies

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If you need something more accurate

Around 35k sigils with 150k rubies.


Where 5k drop we can see. Minor or major events?

They dropped both events last season and I beleive the season before. However there have been times I think where they have not and it was only on major.
However I see the potato queen commenting and it will probably be more reliable than my response.


It usually has 5k drops - at this point, it very rarely doesn’t have them

I also sequence SSC when they come around, so I would recommend taking a look at my thread when it comes around to help you get better drops :slight_smile:


It’s more at PG’s discretion rather than event based.


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