Super Sigil Chest LIVE!

Its active now! just checked in-game and it is now on-going.

EDIT: like what DragonPunch said, if anyone received the wrong item from purchasing the super sigil or anything in particular, contact support and they should help you.

Only 250 on the bonus chest this time :sob:

Message talks about stuff other than sigils and SPRING sigils being in the chests… Does anyone want SPRING sigils?

The bring back the evolve stones folks do :man_shrugging:t3:


Out of curiosity has anyone gotten more than 250 legendary sigils with the super sigil chests… I just opened 30 and they were all the same It was all normal sigils with the last one being 250 legendary sigils

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I got this exact format each time

Yes, a teammate posted a 1.0k in our line.

Ok cool thanks. I can deal with just being thst unlucky :joy::joy:

Yea had 250 at bonus chest too, wished it would be 1000, but that is how luck is xD

Did anybody read the new mail that just came out about what the chests will contain?

AKA breeding tokens, spring sigils, expedites, pearls, boosts, etc?

Somebody hit the wrong send button lol


Here’s my bonus


Picture evidence to ward away gremlins:

Sorry about that folks! It looks like the wrong announcement was sent out. The correct one will be sent shortly. For those that made the wrong purchase, please let me or support know.


not so great for the ones that paid for drops in a “higher number” eg more speeds/drop.

Anyways, glad you are sending out the right message

Haha that’s from like 2 seasons ago…

Yeah, our bad… Sorry again, folks! :disappointed:

800 gold chests for my pain and suffering?

I am not worried my Delorean isn’t working as it should, might try bumping it up to 1.23 gigawatts next time so there isn’t as much instability in my time travelling ventures :nerd_face:


As described above. 250 max, and same format.
The Legendary is usually in a random location, and sometimes as many as three. This time, 1, in the bottom right corner.

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I opened one pack of ten and got a 1k drop. Luck of the draw I guess.

Was it in the bottom right corner? We know the values are random, and 1k is avalable, but we’re concerned that the random generator is stuck in one format, which prevents you from getting any more than 1 legendary.