Super Sigil Chest Spring Season 2019


Hello, may i ask if there will be SS chest this season? Im planning to get additional rider and i needed extra sigils for it. Is it confirm they will not lash out SS chest from this season like the breeding event? Replies will be appreciatted thanks. :heart::two_hearts:


Last two weeks is usually SSigils

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Usually, but not confirmed officially yet.
Everything is possible.


Just hoping that next event (after fort) will be SS instead of Runic :pray:


Would be nice if we could get that 5k drop added back in. They really need to update them, their is no reason for there to be 25 sigil drops and for them to call them epic drops is just wrong


I would like that 5k drop PG please :slight_smile::pray:t2:


Just remove the two digit drops, at least the average drop per chest would like the drops on atlas badges which is 100 ( im not sure) so the average per 10 will be 1k, surely i will pay for those but we’ll just be grateful if they release the SS chest instead of those pesky runic chests nobody avails. LOL


The average has always been above 1k. Hell its been about 1.1k roughly for years now.


Any signs that PG will sure release SS chest next event?


Ask me in 7 days. I’ll tell you then.


I can tell you in 6 … Hopefully…


Can we just have them now? Im tired of waiting for Ronin and Im only 3 prizes away :tired_face::tired_face::chunk:


Plebs like me need to wait for the PVP island to show up…

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I don’t think 3 prizes away is good for Super Sigil… Still, I’ll be happy though


Lies. Ask that small icon on your avatar :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Unfortunately that icon doesn’t grant me any previews of when they’ll release sigil chests… :slightly_frowning_face:


I’ll finish it without even needing them. Im just sick of waiting. As much as I love him, I’ve been flying almost nothing but Pathox and Corthanak for the last 6 months. I need something new


Aww… :see_no_evil:


If youll retire corth, can i adopt him pls :rofl::see_no_evil:


It really doesn’t :rofl::rofl::rofl: