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Hi guys,

I have some old data from two seasons ago that super sigils went in a fairly predictable sequence

Minimum per 10 draw = 825
Maximum per 10 draw = 1800

Average per 10 draw = 1080

Average occurs on 9x 10 chest draws. (900) chests.

However a friend sent me 99 screenshots of 10 draws (9,900 chests) and the average was = 1,013 ( but not sure if sequence was broken/ restarted ) from the most recent season.

Perhaps last season had a less predictable flow or a small reduction in sigils?

Just wondering if someone can submit what they believe the lowest pull is, the max pull and the rough average if pulling 100+ 10 sigil chests. (1,000 chests)

If I budget on 1,000 per 10 chest pull would that be about right give or take?

It always was an average of 1.1k sigols / 10 chests (5k rubies) when there is no 5k drop. With 5k drop the average is 1.2k sigils / 10 chests.

Those numbres are an average wich means it can be higher or lower (don’t know the variance number), so it’s normal that the bigger the number of chests the more difference on average you can see.

I’ve always seen an average between 1100-1200

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Without 5k, Average drop/chests = 119.92


any charts for it?

Following Winterjöl’s pattern which I believe the same as last season’s SSC


was hoping for a link to spreadsheet vault to see if i was being blind. :joy:

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The legendary sequence in supersigil chests is 130 elements long with 5000 sigils drop in this event.
Drop sequences (partial):

Everyone who opened supersigil chests during the previous 2 seasons will be at the beginning of the legendary sequence (somewhere between 1 and 13 positions).
I wonder if anyone got 5000 sigil drop? How much chests did it take?


Aw crap, there’s a 5k drop again, that means the 1000 and 500 sigils are likely distributed very poorly because of the long sequence. Like the 13 drops for 250 in a row above, much prefer the sequence without 5k.


Might be the first season I don’t buy any super sigils! PG kinda shot themselves in the foot there with all the bonus lines that don’t get you a rider or dragon. I’m too far away from finishing an entire line now so it’s no point to push and spend.

However, I do love the bonus lines. So not complaining.

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