Super sigil drop research fall 2017

Gather that data, cause you never really know in this game :wink:

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1 free chest (bonus) = 250 sigil

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1 bonus chest:


Bonus too

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Damn… I didn’t get any bonus chests?

total joke! What a waste of gems.


Shit, shit, decent, good. The shit drops seem to be mass release as a bunch of people on our team and in chats got them identically

3 pulls of 10 - 1050, 1050, 975. Bonus 250 = 3325 sigils
15000 rubies = 3325 sigils, so roughly 22%
Last season sigil chest cost started at 5K, but they dropped the price later in the season to 4K

That’s how I am feeling right now and I was stupid enough to waste my 40k worth of rubies hoping after each hope the chances will get better.

I pulled 5 lots of 10. In 50 chests there was only 1-1k sigil drop. The rest were 25-250. While I don’t regret it because I have a very “I don’t care” attitude about the game these days, I feel 5k is over priced. My personal feelings are that Pg really forced the scarcity of sigils this season and are now capitalizing on inflated prices and low payouts. This only underscores my attitude of the game. It’s still fun. I still love the dragons but I will definitely never invest real money into the game.

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I opened 50 chests: 1575, 1050, 825, 1050, 1030 so 5800 on 25k rubies.

i got bonus chest = 1.0k legendary drop
opened one set of 10 x chests for 925 sigils :no_mouth:

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No, this was 6 months ago that their price was dropped. Last season was 5k too, but we had a chance to more Sigils for the same price, up to 2k if my memories are right. This season this is down to 1k max.

Pull wisely…

Wishe id have known before wasting my 40k rubies😡. I know I should be grateful that I can buy more sigils with rubies, but I feel so cheated out. Took me along time to save all those rubies.

Because someone else was also making the “last season was 4k claim”:

I opened 50 super chests. Here is the outcome:


The breeding is the last event of this season?