Super sigil sequence of this week

i dont know full sequence yet…

but i know 5k location of this week

No. 129

have a good day…!~!

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If this is indeed the case woohoo for not chasing the 1ks

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Thank you! :blush: I went beyond this. I’ll post in the morning if no one else has.

You stopped at 108 last week? If so that’s great. So did I :laughing:

77:250 78:250 79:250 80:500 81:250 82:250 83:500 84.500 85:1000 86:250 87:250

I opened up position 115 last time and started at position 116. I also used KFxMephisto’s sequence to check my list. Here is what I have:

Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 7.44.03 AM

I spent 112K rubies on one acct and hit the 5K drop during a PvP event. On another acct I spent 151K rubies during Fortification event and no 5K drop.

Props to new sequencer. The more the marrier.

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