Super Sigils Chest Drope Rate to low for best prizes

The rete for get Sigils are:

25 x Springveil Sigil ----------- 21.43%
50 x Springveil Sigil ----------- 21.43%
75 x Springveil Sigil ----------- 21.43%
125 x Springveil Sigil ----------- 21.43%
250 x Springveil Sigil ----------- 10.98%
500 x Springveil Sigil ----------- 2.20%
1000 x Springveil Sigil ----------- 1.10%

With this rate, the best prize is very difficult to get, so you expend 5k rubies for get a lot of low Sigil, I never waste rubies for that. PG need change this to a better rate.

I think about 30% for get 1000 Sigil if you buy 10 Supersigil Chests or a other great formulation.

You can calculate it …
Based on 10000 chests for example…
you get 25 x 2143 + 50 x 2143… and so on … divide on based chests… that is what you would get per chest at average i guess…

I believe the rate of chest drops for all chest that are showing is already available in the chest menu, even sigil chest.

100+ /chest is higher than the rate of sigils in gold chests. While it’s true that all contents are sigils, it gives more sigils than normal gold chest, even with 25% more rubies.
Just consider it as specialized chest, and you can decide which one to buy.
I typed cheat instead of chest???


It’s simply multiplication lol.

Works out to be ~108 sigils per chest on average. The more you open, the higher chance you will end up converging on this figure.


So probably how many sigils I can get if I spend150k rubies?

Approximate maths

150,000 rubies / 5,000 rubies for 10 chests = 300 chests
300 chests x ~108 sigils/chest = 32,400 sigils

Thx. So I have 11.3k sigils so far and I will get few more in this event. I have to get Fomhar and other one is done but haven’t touch Fomhar. Is it possible to get Corthnak with 150k rubies plus gold chest I will get from season beaches plus 150k rubies?


:grin::grin: thx though

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It has nothing to do with what you get a lot of. As mech showed you there is a simple calc to derive how many sigils you should get per chest or per 10 chests.

It’s simple math. You figure out how many sigils you need and you figure out the cheapest way to get them. The super sigil chest is the best way to get sigils if you only care about sigils. No other method exists that will provide more sigils per ruby spent.

It is not the best value if you need the other items that drop in gold chests. Then you are better buying gold chests. And in fact If you can earn more sigils from grinding those will be the best value of all (depending on how you value time)

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If you already done with Aibrean and Nollaig, 150k rubies is approximately equal 36k sigil so it is possible to get Corthnak

Yeah its subjective, dependent on if you completed aibrean. If yes, then you can get Corthanak most likely.

I got 1000 sigils in 5k on the first pull on my alt. The rates for 25 sigils is rubbish but I have never gotten 10 sigil chests without some higher drops in them and therefore I get more sigils from that 5k than from 4k golds. Useful as a last minute push for me :woman_shrugging:

I completed Airbrean but haven’t touched Nailog

So far 12k sigils and 150k rubies but I will wait till last day and don’t wanna spend money​:wink::grin:

Don’t know what was the rate of drop but I spent 157k rubies plus 13.6k sigils and got Nailog and Corthnak

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