Super sigils chests at same time as trading post

We have super sigils chests the last 2 weeks of each season including when we get 2nd trading post which I like but does anyone else wish we got super sigils chests when we get the trading post at the beginning of the season. For several seasons I would have liked to trade things but never had enough sigils to get them so it would be nice o have super sigils chests at same time as trading post both times not just at the end of event.

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I prefer sigil chests at the end of the season to use on the festive dracs. At the beginning also would mean that you didn’t have a way to obtain those critical sigils to finish up lines.
For trading posts it is better to just hang onto some sigils. Until this season when always knew the first trading post would be week 6-8 that that was plenty of time to save.

They certainly will never give us 2 rounds of sigil chests in a season. If they did they would nerf the hell out of them because it wouldn’t promote spending on events earlier in the season. Most people slow down on events later in the season as they start to run low on rss or near finish up lines so sigil chests are appropriate during that time. Whales would just use sigil chests to get their early mythic instead of buying dozens of terrible quality packs.


Whales have to buy that terrible quality packs in order to pile up rubies to buy the sigil chests unless we are talking about whales that constantly keep an amount of rubies with an M at the end of the count. :see_no_evil:

they’d have to spend a lot less because super sigil chests are much more efficient in pure sigils

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And having to spend less is good for players. :rofl:

Not as good for PG

Wouldn’t be too sure about that. As more tempting offers can always make more p2w.

Would be nice but I doubt they will do it, they want you to buy sigils hence why normally around that time you get the sigil packs, if they put sigils chests at start of season they will change everything with sigil to make it balance, ie the pops from chests will be almost nothing

Let’s just not mess with super sigil chests please :pray:… there is a 99% risk it will be changed for the worse :cold_sweat: