Super Speedup Pack - Need Forge Level 999

In yet another change, PG has changed the superspeedup pack to be unattainable.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Is there any intention to bring to these back? I really liked this forge package at it is a lot more cost effective than the other speed up package.

FYI I have no problem with developers making money so this is not a gripe. It is only a question as to the disappearance and hopeful reemergence of a game feature.

Just checked, mine is available up to the point of having to click the buy option a second time?

(not gonna press the button :P)

Are we talking about this?

My forge is level 7. Max level. Maybe your problem can be resolved by uninstalling (make sure you have a Pocket ID!) and reinstalling the game? Cleaning cache can be a good idea before reinstalling too. It gets rids of old bits of app that became obsolete…

Oh hey there it is. I guess I’ll try clearing.


Let us know if it solved your problem, otherwise feel free to use the screenshot and submit a ticket to know why you can’t see this pack. In forge it’s the last item of the first row if I remember well :wink:

I just heard back from the developers. Very fast response time so that was appreciated.

It’s an issue, they’re aware of it, and they’re fixing it. Thanks!

the issue was resolved. this should be closed.

you should have let it rot.

oh well, @TheRedDelilah @ModMat and I forgot the other mod >.< (sorry) please close down the thread.