“Super” Spells: How To Get Them?

This question really doesn’t fall under any of the subcategories, just a question, so there won’t be any for this post. Anyway… does anyone know where I can get any of these “super spells”? Like Super Chain Lightning, Multi Death Gaze, Super Thunderstorm, Super Heal, etc. (picture displayed below)

They are not possible to be obtained anymore . Old members of my team have a few saved they are freaking strong


Oh. When were they obtainable? And if you don’t mind, I’m going to email you. I want to see how old your team is :see_no_evil:

You have some of these? As 0 is at the bottom and 2/3 of these ain’t in the bottom of your list.


Some time period in between 2015-2017. Don’t remember when though as I wasn’t on in the game much back then

Yup. They’re so incredibly rare at this point, and most players haven’t been playing long enough to have any. The few who do have any tend to hoard them, because they know there’s no way of getting more.

I’ve seen two uses of Super Freeze in the last year, but that’s about it.

They were old version of the spells. If you had them as consumables before, then they got converted into that one and then balanced the spells.

There’s possibly no way of obtaining them anymore.


Not all of them were old versions of spells, just Super Thunderstorm. Shield of Annihilation and the rest were special gold chest drops for certain events. Insanely OP


No. I don’t have any of those.

Ohhh ok

I believe Super Thunderstorms was nerfed by PG.


Of course it was…

The color changed. The % did not.

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Someone confirm this for me. Probably still on old forums.

I believe super thunderstorm was nerfed to regular thunderstorm when regular thunderstorm turn from blue to red.

I am 90% sure they did not change the spell damage and instead changed the color.

It’s complicated, and it’s been awhile.
Super thunderstorm ( blue)
Regular Thunderstorm (blue), less powerful.
Regular Thunderstorm (red)
Super thunderstorm ( red) same as regular blue thunderstorm?

The situation was complicated more with whole Sage fiasco.

Actually, it started before that.

  • Original Thunderstorm (when Caldbolg came out with it) - Blue
  • Forged & Chest Thunderstorm - Blue
  • Forged was too strong. Nerf all natural thunderstorms for “balance”. All currently owned forged wre changed to “Super” and retained the original power. Forged thunderstorms from now on would be the nerfed (still blue)
  • All thunderstorms (super and normal) changed to red

EDIT: actual language from the change to super said:

The thunderstorm spell was released recently as both an armory prize and as a forgeable spell in the Level 6 Forge, and has proven to be too strong/OP. We wanted to find a solution that brings its strength to an appropriate level, while also not punishing players that won the spell in the armory/events or forged the boosts. Therefore, we are making the following change:

  • All existing thunderstorm spell boosts will become a Super Thunderstorm’ spell boosts, with the same stats that they currently have. More Super Thunderstorm spell boosts will not be available.
  • New thunderstorm spell boosts from the forge or as prizes will have their damage reduced to a more appropriate level.

Yes, good timeline. But I remember reading PG nerfed super thunderstorm unintentionally on old forum.

Need some old timers to confirm this. Super thunderstorm is useless now anyway. Thunderstorm should never be turned to red.

That’s wack

Am an “old timer” for the record. I don’t remember any nerf that wasn’t reversed except the color change. Can look at some point.

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