Super Timers Or Super Sigils Offers

When can PG be more innovative and encouraging to players to bring out the best of all

Im waiting too long

What do you mean?

some players want to level base fast but not enough timers to do so then goes to same as enough of sigil to get Mystic on time right. So PG please advertise promo to sell timers or sigil for players want to grow fast.

There is a black friday special offering right now in the shop. It gives you 500 sigils for $5. I think that’s a pretty sweet deal as they’ve normally sold them for $10 for 500 in the past.

Yeah it’d be sweet except for the fact they took away super sigil chests where people could use their saved rubies for sigils in favor of… yeah making $ … now if they’d done both that would’ve been cool

What happened to the 24 and 48 hour timers?

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Super sigil is confirmed to be available next week.

Yes you’re right… I meant for this week

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