Superman’s breeding plan ... how to select?


I’m having trouble determining which of Superman’s obsidian plan to use. Can ya’ll understand the differences besides the cost?

Over the months, I’ve used Salamanca’s to go up to gold tier and then Superman’s Garnet plan to do platinum. But then found the obsidian and am trying to figure out which is the best fit for me. I don’t spend money and have the elite account. I enjoy the process of training the dragons and only level my base when my den bred dragons are den capped. There is no rush for me to get to the “finish line”. With that in mind, which of the three would you recommend? Thanks for the advice. :corn::corn::corn:

Have you checked out Reds?

I have and got confused.

What tier are you at right now?

I prefer warriors. Like hunters. Sorcerers last.

I’m about to enter sapphire

Just FYI, you’re using an out of date Superman path. This one is his most recent:
I would really urge you to check out red’s ice 1 path though, you get hauheset, frost and then saph eggs shortly after for your builders hut. There aren’t a lot of good warriors in saph garnet tier, especially compared to the hunters in their tier.

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:flushed:. Thank you so much! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I would probably pick the far left path but agree with lutrus

Thanks. I’ll take a look again at Red’s. It’s and intimidating file. :see_no_evil:

I’m strongly suggesting Superman’s second path where you get Hauheset and frostbiter. All other garnets are TRASH! Only A&A is worthwhile.

And when you’re a good flyer you can kill a lot big bases (not maxed of course but up to mid 300) with the Hauheset/frostbiter combination.

Lot of cheaper paths force you to get a lot of trash dragons which would kill the game fun for me.

Divines aren’t everything and you won’t complete the tiers anytime soon so you’re there for at least some months.

Your getting to point where all you should focus on is hunters…

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Totally agree with Mike. I changed from a warrior type of guy to Hunter after I got Hauhesset. Trust us, you wont regret this later.

If you need help love, I’m here to explain or guide.


It just looks intimidating. Start reading from page 1 and it explains everything.

How to select the proper Superman path 101

  • hit the X button on your browser showing the Superman path
  • open up your preferred web browser, even IE will do!
  • open Google
  • type in “reds best breeding path”
  • open first link
  • click the pretty picture of Noctua
  • tab over to either the basic or detailed version of the path
  • find out where you are and what you need to get on this path (Red is an absolute doll at helping people figure this out)
  • Thank Red 83747383 times for her hard work
  • spread the word to your friends :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: seeing as I need to edit this to unhide it…

Not sure how some people found this offensive. I have followed the community guidelines as suggested and offered an alternative to an idea. I have not personally criticized a person directly, I have criticized an idea and have provided another means for folks to get what I believe to be better information. Red and myself are very very active to help answer questions that pertain directly to her specific breeding guides and I feel that this is a huge added bonus over the ones that other posters have created.

Do with this what you will but if it gets flagged again I’m going to be fairly upset and will bring admins into this discussion to make the call


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OMG I’m dying thank you so much for posting :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Happy hour must’ve started without me. :face_with_monocle::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Thanks @TheRedDelilah your plan is a great help. I read and reread the first worksheet and was able to apply Icicle 1 to this breeding event. My favorite part is the graph … an excellent summary of your six plans.

Your recommendation on when to use mystic fragments and info on extra egg was a great help too. I got my dragons, reached my target prize tier, and got enough eggs for the builders hut. :kissing_heart::hugs::hugs::hugs: