SupermanRR Obsidian Breeding Plans


Hot off the presses! Will be going back to make a complete guide from first dragon to mythic Obsidians.

Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian

Thanks alot Supe for all this ! :raised_hands:t2:


My pleasure my friend


Love using your breeding guide, easy to understand. thank you for putting in all the hard work
And dedication…


This is great, makes my life better.


Superman, why kerbos over deci after AA on the AA path? Thanks for your work!


@PGDave why does this thread close in 2 days after last reply instead of after a month like the rest of the posts?


@Lutrus I’ve manually extended the life of your post to 30 days like the others. I took a gander through the settings and it looks like your post was marked as “solved” and this caused it to get a shorter (48hr) close timer. I’ve just changed the close timer to be 30 days for all topics, even if the OP marks it as solved.

Also, awesome guide. I’m definitely going to compare it to my spreadsheet later today and see if there are any shortcuts I need to be taking :slight_smile:.


Thanks Dave! Much appreciated. :robot:


@SupermanRR I have been using your breeding guide since I started spending eggs. Thanks so much for the work you put into these and for sharing them with the community.


Thanks a lot Bud! Good work as always


@SupermanRR thank you for all the time you put into this. It is much appreciated.


So am I the only one that takes @SupermanRR’s guide and then saves a copy of the graphic and draws lines/crosses out what I have done so I can remember what’s next when it comes time for breeding, and what I can skip? LOL. Considering just putting it in a spreadsheet because my mouse-drawn lines with look worse than my 5 year old’s stick figures. Thanks, Superman, been using one of your guides for months now.


I wondered that aswell. The (obviously preferred) Hauheset-first path looks very weak in the Emerald area.
Sticking to my hunter path :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you @SupermanRR :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2:



Thanks you for all your time you have committed to making these awesome guides for us.


You on AA3?


Hi @SupermanRR

The way over Hauheset, isnt it shorter if you breed after AA Deci and get Ferga with Jul/ Icicle and move with Xenot instead of Nier?

Before completing obisidians Nier patz was better but after last releases Xenot path should be a better option probably . Dont you think so ? :thinking:


Yes, I’m following Red’s A+A3 path. I haven’t seen any cheaper path that gives you the best hunters of each tier earlier.