Supershot activation

When we’re on defense, we’re given chance to activate supershots on certain towers. However, if not, the supershot activations are random (said from the ticket).

Can’t it be made so that we can assign supershot to certain towers so the activation of supershot for the towers are prioritized?

(e.g. If we’re assigned 4 supershots and we assign those for the towers in the middle, the 4 towers are guaranteed to have supershots assigned, whether the other towers can use supershots or not.)

This is essentially one of the things we were asking for in a few threads.

Support means if nobody defends, there is an AI defender, which isn’t truly random, as it acts on towers under attack. And has a high chance of supershottint towers early on.

We have been discussing and asking for a better AI or control over what the AI does due to the large discrepancy between a defended base and an undefended base.

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