Supershots after defender quits


When attacking a base and a (human) defender is present why does the base get extra supershots if the defender quits the battle? Seems not very fair. I know it’s been like this a long time but maybe it’s time for a change?

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Do those supershots hit your dragon after the defender quits? Or do they show up only after you change dragons? Even if you’re actively defending, you get supershot resets when the dragons change out.


All of the defenders have to leave, then the base AI gets supershots, even if the defenders already used all of theirs.


I did not know this. Guess you learn something new every day :slightly_smiling_face:


The base always has AI supershots, which refresh for each new dragon attack. This is independent of defenders.
Sometimes, Defenders will load up all their supershot before the quit out, this forces the AI to hold it’s supershots and distribute them on later towers. This is normal.


Ugh!!! I agree this is super annoying. The base certainly, in my opinion, should not get extra supershots after the defender has used all theirs and quit that same wave.


Seems weird. We’ll look into it.


It is possible that the defender(s) charged towers later in the base before they left. For example, I’ll charge all the mages and leave, just to be a PITA


It’ll show you who activated :slight_smile:


No joke? Learned something new today…


Thanks for bringing this up. The team will be looking into this. If/when changes are made, we’ll let everyone know in our patch notes.


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