Support closing tickets early after reopening post-mass response


Troops trained/revived within the first 10 minutes or so of the troop training event didn’t credit event points two hours later, so I opened #1407008 .

  1. Open a ticket, so that it specifically doesn’t make mention of the vast number of issues in 4.80 and include a screenshot.
  2. Get a competent agent who notes that information needs to be checked on PG’s end - okay.
  3. Get a mass response about 4.80 issues anyway, which was pretty much expected anyway.
  4. Reply to reopen.
  5. Get a useless response (below) that closes it again, unresolved. One step forward, two steps back for metrics?
  6. Reply to reopen, then posted this some hours later :smiley:.

@Arelyna @PGJared

The mass response does technically note to reopen a ticket, but considering that the ticket may have already gotten a response, I don’t see why it should need a new one, when support sometimes doesn’t refer back to previous tickets noted in new tickets. :woman_shrugging:


Lol. “Thanks for understanding” who said I understood in the first place. :joy::rofl: mass responses or messages shouldn’t go to players individual tickets. There’s the news tab. Why isn’t that used for mass announcements as it’s already been used before


Mm, I can understand the need for mad responses, but they need to improve their querying. The third agent just straight up closing with a garbage response doesn’t help :joy:, considering that the original ticket wasn’t about irrelevant mad responses.


I had the same issue with troop healing not being credited in event… still waiting for someone to fix it or credit me with the points I earned


Support doesn’t add any tags to the auto mass replies. This has happened to me several times and it adds DAYS to solving an issue.

Support asks for some info, screenshot or other proof, then your ticket gets interrupted by a mass reply that has nothing to do with your problem and you basically have to start all over again.

I tried taking this issue with support out of the public eye to the PX manager and my PM was ignored. :man_shrugging:


That agent shouldn’t have solved out the ticket after sending that response. It makes zero sense. I’ll have a talk with them and get someone on your ticket right now.


Can you also review ticket 1406687. I had the same issue. Thanks!


In my experience that kind of behavior is standard operating procedure for them. It truly is some of the worst support I’ve experienced.


I also got a mass response from support in my ticket. It didn’t even have anything to do with my issue. Sadly


Getting a mass reply isn’t the problem here. 4.80 had enough issues a mass reply is needed. The problem is that after a response was sent acknowledging the mass reply wasn’t helpful an agent then solved out the ticket.

Sometimes mass replies are going to happen when there are big fires.


They didn’t fix my issue tho. See ticket number above


It’s insult to injury to be having constantly issues and then mail support multiple times only to get sometimes 2-3 mass responses reguarding nothing to do with you’re issue. I’ve never been had this many issues with any other game and it seems you’re support team needs to learn when not to click the reply all button. Why do you think thousands of people are legitamely able to get refunds daily due to the lack of help and appropriate responses from support. All it takes is a ss and any Apple or google agent will fully refund you for whatever you’re asking when it’s 5-6 days later or 10 responses later and there still hasn’t been any response even remotely close to answering or trying to answer your initial question just my two cents, please take it with a grain of salt.


Don’t know anything about PG’s internal procedures, but I have seen other companies where support staff have a performance measurement of “time to close” which was measured by time from ticket open to ticket close. They came up with novel ways to manipulate both ends of that measurement. As usual, you get what you pay for.


Yeah, there’s a lot of manipulation related to time to close and “waiting for user” or just the simplest number of tickets closed. :see_no_evil:


As the PX manager, that’s something I measure, but it’s not a performance metric for the team. In fact, one of the performance metrics they get measured on is “number of replies to resolve” which means that taking more time to deliver a single excellent reply is way better for them than firing off a crap reply and having to respond again.


I’m an IT manager and… I applaud you for that metric. I’m tired of crappy KPIs
Measuring customer satisfaction by means of quantity of replies to resolve (that means interaction iterations) is a good one. Resolving at the first contact is the best one


Resolving at first contact is the ideal, yeah. If I could get our queue above a 20% one-touch rate I’d be super stoked.


@pgjared can you also look at ticket 14006687. I also lost rewards for the train troop event. I mentioned it above but forgot to tag you. I apologize. Thanks in advance for the help.



Hey folks,

I’m really not able to take individual requests for ticket review. If support clearly messed up your ticket I can look and make sure someone is handling it appropriately, but if your ticket is just “I lost stuff” it has to be resolved through normal channels.


I submitted the ticket 4 days ago within minutes of the last atlas event starting. There has still been no resolution from the help desk. I am just trying to get my rewards for that event so I can use them this event to assist in crafting/leveling gear.