Support continues to disappoint

I reached out to Support today because I purchased Atlas Elite and I have now been waiting for over 8 hours for them to look as to why Atlas Elite is not showing for me after the purchase. I am frustrated and feel that it is ridiculous to wait this long and said as much. I have provided receipts for proof of purchase and I sit with over 200k troops to heal and on a mission to train new ones, I have no elite. This impacts gold and the ability to do anything of value with my troops. While I am waiting for a response (I am almost pleading at this point), I look and the ticket was closed. So do I open a new ticket? I have never seen such disrespect for a customer. The support person was called Gen. Thanks Gen

Very disappointed

I am the author of The First Successful Working Model of Online Ticketing and Sales. In other words The Father of eCommerce! The only way banks & creditors would agree to sale of Virtual Goods & Services is by Customer Is Always Right policy which posits that any and all requests for Refund on Virtual Sales be honored without question! PG is and has always been in violation of this mutual trust!

I suggest contacting whichever market or venue handled the sale.

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Thank you. Someone on my team recommended it. They responded that I have 64 days of Atlas Elite but I have nothing showing on my end.

It says you purchased regular elite, not Atlas elite.


Support is by Third Party Agency - in other words the more problems there are the more money they make - why would they ever wanna solve anyone’s troubles?

PG and their ineptly named Support fail to see that it don’t matter whatever y’all say it is or how it smells what matters most is customer experience! So, what of it … customer gave y’all money for your glorified screen scroller - so no blow as many bells and whistles it takes to make customer happy so y’all can make me re more money and feed your kids a decent meal and for heavens sakes fix those teeth!

:man_facepalming:t2: Did you have to necro a 25 days old…?

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