Support fail - please help!


I am trying to regain control of the NiceKlawz Ingame account, following failure of the device that I normally play on. I have a pocket-id registered but can’t remember the password that I chose.

I cannot submit an ingame ticket, as I don’t have access to the account.

submitting a helpshift ticket via the Web directs me to zendesk.

Submitting a zendesk ticket via the Web directs me to ingame support.

The new forums don’t seem to include a support interactions category.

Who do I have to talk to to try to get a password reset sorted out??


I would start by tagging @PGJared to see if he could help you.


create a new account on any phone that you have available and contact support using that.


Can you give me the ticket number you received from Zendesk? Any trigger sending you to in-game support should have been killed when Zendesk was rolled out as the principal CRM.


The helpshift ticket number is 584377.

There isn’t a ticket number in the Zendesk email auto response. It has the subject line “War Dragons Support Enquiry”, and reads:

##- Please type your reply above this line -##
For support in War Dragons, please use the in-game support option. We recently launched a new support center which we’re pretty excited about and hoping to get everyone using - it’s helping us keep track of issues and solve situations much more efficiently.
You can contact us in the game by opening Settings, tapping Help, and then hitting “Contact Us”, and someone will follow up with you there.
If you cannot load up your game, or if you do not have the game and have questions or concerns, please contact us here:

Thank you!
Pocket Gems Support


Ah-ha! Thank you so much! I found the rogue trigger. That thing was hidden. It’s been disabled and I re-opened your zendesk ticket.


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