Support ignoring message. Very unprofessional


I have been trying to get a hold of support for about a month about my missing sigils and they don’t even bother to read it or reply , and when they do they don’t event read you ticket all they do is send a automatic message.


Respond to the auto-reply with “Please read my ticket”.


Your last ticket was sent at October-17-2017 09:35:41 PM. It was replied to by an agent at October-17-2017 10:07:10 PM. You read the response at October-17-2017 10:16:28 PM.

Note, this wasn’t the automated message. That was sent about a minute after your ticket came in.

Your other ticket has multiple replies and is currently in with a specialist to review, but in the last week you’ve added:

  • Missing Crafts
  • Missing Items
  • Can’t Defend
  • Event not Loading
  • Can’t Open Beta
  • A request to extend the event because you were having issues loading the beta
  • A request for compensation for when the event ended
  • A request to re-do your sigil spend and swap branches

That’s a lot of things for a single ticket. Please be patient and our specialist will review all of those and get back to you.


Love that response. Game set match PgJared :joy:


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