Support including a ticket number again

Noticed that sending a support ticket generated an auto response with a ticket number this morning so that is good. Having the number to reference right away puts us back where we were. Now to see if they can resolve #1803279 as only part of my base show the latest season base boost. Middle long island is missing the buff which is weird…

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You sure it’s not a visual glitch ?
It was showing last night when I hit your prime :thinking:
I’ll double check though. Could be wrong…
Nope edit 1

Just checked, 45/52 across the board
Hope that helps :kissing_heart:

Support did something, and forced a client reset. So either way it looks OK now.

You are not the only one with the problem as one of our clan mates has the same issue but you need to open an in game ticket for the problem. PG can’t do much without a ticket number.


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