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Alright this happened a while back but I had some major projects to finish at work and haven’t had a chance to share this. Also for the most part I tried to remind professional in this conversation and never insulted them. Note, even tho I had asked for refunds in the past, I never got any, so technically this was the first time I really took a strong interest in it.

Yes is gonna be a bit of a read, I will try to cut it as short as I can.


I miss clicked and speed up a building using rubies instead of speed ups (about 4/5k rubies not too much). Knowing that as long as is not a common occurrence PG often returns the rubies, I contacted support and asked if I could get my rubies back.

PG's first reply

Now after some back and forth I kept getting the same answer over and over again which was basically this.

Now at this point I knew he was lying, I obviously asked around and asked if anyone had gotten a ruby refund in recent times. Found about three players, who had gotten it within the same week. I asked PG when this new policy of “No exceptions” was introduced to see if it matches and it was introduced after these players got their refund. After they ignored this question over and over again while they kept sending me the same copy/paste reply, I finally got this.

Guess what happened after I gave them a username? Yea they ignored it and gave me the same reply as always.

End of the day, I said f*** it, maybe they are taking a strong stance on this now and shit is only 5k rubies.
(In total there were about 20+ replies back and forth in this ticket)

Now this is where it gets really funny… months went past, and I heard someone in my team just got a 7k ruby refund for the exact same issue. I did some digging and a bunch of people had gotten a ruby refund way after my issue and this quote by Ralph T just kept popping on my head.

"Due to many false claims in the past, we had to take a strong stance on this issue, so we decided not to provide compensations on accidental events. It may seem a rather harsh policy, but we had no choice - and we can’t make any exceptions now."

So I opened a new ticket and literally this happened…

After a single reply this lady gave me the rubies back, the same exact rubies I had lost several months ago… This had me laughing so hard and surprised the shit out of me so I went ahead and ask her whats up with my previous ticket? Did they literally lied to my face when they said “we can’t make any exceptions now.”?

And I got this…

Now whats the moral of the story? PG’s support can result in a very different outcome depending on who you get. Also don’t be surprised if they throw straight lies at you to try and close your appeal.

@Arelyna I think this will be a nice read for you.

Who hires the Zen Desk clowns?

…really, it looks…pretty consistent to me.

Ralph said “No, sorry, policy is no refunds for accidentally spent resources, except in rare cases.”

Andrea said “Policy is no refunds for accidentally spent resources, except in rare cases…but I went to the higher-ups and begged permission to make an exception.”

They’re following the same policy, and applying it to the same accidental spending. The only difference is that Andrea put in the extra work to get a special exception for you.

Ralph gets a solid B in customer service for following policy to the letter. Maybe a B+ for politely, patiently explaining to you through the long response chain. Andrea gets an A, maybe an A+, for going out of her way to provide customer satisfaction. If workers say and do things beyond word-for-word scripted responses, there’s going to be some variation. Especially when the difference in question is that between “Did it correctly,” and “Did it correctly, and put in the extra time to make it better.”


Don’t drink and fly, mate


No, Ralph said once that they have no record of anyone ever getting a ruby refund except for very rare cases, that likely implies that these rare cases are due to error’s on PG’s part rather than customer miss clicks. Also is worth mentioning that he said this after I stated several times that many people have gotten rubies back.

Lets also keep in mind that “rare cases” are not that rare to begin with.

Last but not least

He stated this several times, you cant have “rare cases” and “no exceptions” together, they literally contradict each other. What Andrea did for me was an “exception” which is really not “rare” feel free to ask around how many “exceptions” are there.


I’ll try ^^


I had the same . But it was even worse
So there was that pvp event,where you need to kill bases one by one,and can’t ask for backup (old version)
And there was ability to do one step with rubies
So I accidentally spent about 1200 rubies to swap the first base,which you can solo with Kinnarus
It was horrible
The layout of button was so bad,that I misclicked it
And I had the same rejection answer

Same happened with my request to remove some runes(which they doing for ppl daily and multiple times for lots of players)
So I also felt very frustrated,why there is a difference treatment for different tickets


Also, it is very annoying when it replies using automatic responses based upon certain keywords in your message. For example I got sent a message about the season egg boost when I was asking about something completely unrelated to that.


Ummm didn’t one of the dudes give you rubies?


Yea? the post is not about whether or not I got my rubies lol.

Exactly the kind of inconstancy that I’m talking about, In fact I believe in the old forums a PG employee stated that everyone is able to get a rune removed once. (Don’t quote me on that). Is almost like there are no guidelines for support. I do have the slight feeling that they will often treat you better depending on how much you have spent in the past few months, but that’s just speculation.

However there is still no reason why support should lie to customers or offer better services to some and not others.


Again is not about my rubies, is about this:

And yea I felt compelling to make a topic cause I find it quite ironic that there are no guidelines for the support team to follow. You cant have completely different answers depending on the person you get, specially for such straight forward issues. Also straight up lying to a customer seems like a very low shot.


Ask em about warcry wait for response close ticket get new response and repeat and have fun :rofl:


They’d actually have to know what war cry is first :flushed:


That’s the point rofl


No,my point was…
Me and mi friend asked about the same favor at the same time (± a week)
And I get the same response as you get(that they aren’t doing it anymore)
While my mate got it removed
*note:I never had my runes removed before

Same as ppl been getting “compensation” for Jul issue (you should know,what I’m talking about☺️
While others been rejected.
Also,I’m little worried about that sweet person,who helped​:grimacing: hope,they won’t get punished :see_no_evil:


@Dari that was also my point I just expanded on it.

I was polite, and id imagine most people are.

Yes the CS people are human, thats exactly why they need guidelines to follow rather than pick and choose who to help and who not to help. It should not be up to them to decide (unless the customer is being rude in which case is understandable to deny a service), there is gotta be some sort of standard to popular issues like this, not a 50/50 chance depending on who you get and the mood of that person on that specific day.

Off topic: I don’t think CS through emails is hard at all, maybe in retail face to face or over the phone is a bit of a pain. Through written mails however is easy to handle bad situations cause you got time to elaborate a good response and is easy to keep your cool. Just an opinion xd.


Now way! Support is biased and applies different standards to different people?!?

Oh wait…we all knew this.


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