Support needs to be updated

Would u care to explain why support says thos

when its on your front cover?


Support sucks, what do you want anyone to say

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Theres no x2 period

Not when he got all epic! Seens like a more expensive silver

It’s possible, there is space in sequence for that to happen if you’re considering 500k rune dust to be an epic drop. It sucks I agree with you there

It’s 2x drop rates. Not 2x the quantity.

It checks out. And I haven’t done exact math on it but the sequence is much shorter than the normal runic chests. (Meaning that the mythic ammo is also much improved odds, possibly even twice the odds)


Well, not exactly 2x. Probably a bit more…

I counted it manually…
It’s 33 Legendary D. over 112
2 Legendary D. over 15 (original sigil chests)

I have found support way better than it was. Before it was 90% completely unrelated to your topic. In your case support used to reply with I’m sorry your not receiving your items from the chest, have you tried completely closing the game and clearing the cache if on Android?”

Does say rates

I’d tag @Arelyna or @Crisis but they won’t be able to help for another few hours.

I also remember that they were planning to improve the support, which is a third party. They probably doesn’t have any PG employees among them or an indirect link to them.

That’s what I found out through my experiences with the support (also, stay nice with them no matter what and you’ll notice much more goodwill from them in general. I’m not saying you weren’t nice, just a tip :wink:)

If they doubled legendary and mythic drop rates and at the same time removed ALL rares from the deck what do you think takes up the rest of the space? Of course epics shot up. By an amount that’s equal to the total rares previously available subtract previous legendary+mythic rates.

It’s maths, it has to equal 100%

:exploding_head: What is this black magic you speak of?

On topic: I’m not sure if @OrcaFrost still has the drop rates of the runic chests from last PVP but maybe she could provide that data so you could see for yourself that the drop rates a legendary or mythic are 2 times what they were before.

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While the part about the source is odd, the rest of the answer is correct. Opening 10 runic chests does not guarantee that legendary and mythics have are guaranteed. The image states that there is 2x the drop rates. The current drop rates of both legendary and mythic runes in these chests are double their previous rates, but this does not, however, mean that they will always drop.

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It looks, from the ticket, they they thought you meant “2 of the legendary / mythic” instead of “2 times the legendary / mythic drop rate”. They definitely should have had a better understanding of what you’re saying.

The data is available (until Summerflare week 13).
Just click the dropdown. :blush:

Cool. But I’m too lazy to go look it up :laughing: the OP can though if he wants to compare stuff. I don’t buy runic chests anyway as I find them to be vastly overpriced for the contents you are most probably going to get.


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