Support not answering


Anyone been having an issue in the last week where support is taking 3-4 days to answer or not answering at all. What’s going on?


They are buried in tickets at the moment from the issues with season start.


They would have a lot of tickets from across the leagues with the issues currently going on, some may also be sending several tickets in due to not being answered immedietly. Give it a bit of time and they will eventually get back to you.


They got back to me on my two tickets. Took extra time for sure. They apologized


They never got back to me but my issue is fixed. :woman_shrugging:


It’s been raised a number of times that every time you comment on your ticket, it gets moved to the back of the queue.
Try to be patient.


Patience is a virtue that many players seem not to have. Especially seeing players saying they’re sending in between 5-10 tickets per issue to ‘get it answered quicker’


The problem with the chest issue and time being of the essence is, some people depend on these chest to get through the event or next event. They are not doing a retro on chest lost. It sucks! Normally I have 200 chest for the next event and I have 25. I hit them with 2 replies on one ticket myself. 5-10 tickets for an issue is just not conducive to overall replies from support, that is crazy!


This has been going on for a while… even during winter season


if you see a lot of threads about a lot of issues, then expect the queue on their end is a lot.


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