Support problem

does war dragons staff actually inform support staff of problems…so support staff can not look bad whith their answers???


ahh thats clever


its like how a bill is passed in congress…thnks for info


I’m just a bill, yes I’m only a bill, and I’m sittin here on capital hill…


School house rock :raised_hands:t3:

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Today’s support is a bit quiet though :sweat_smile:
Just filed a ticket for minor issue, and not even generic reply from support team after almost 12h (usually, it’s very quick)…
Is today a weekend for zendesk?

Old story new

banner issue most likely caused a massive amount of ticket.

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I hope I am not a stupid bill. My question is thought that I am not allowed to join attacks and my team is not being allowed to join attack with me. This is costing me loads of XP. do you think we will be compensated for the lost XP because of the issue they are having. Or just a sorry please spend more money?

  1. You can do xp run by soloing an xp base.
  2. You can do xp run by Ember-swap on strong xp base.

Therefore, most likely there won’t compensation for lost xp.


Probably not. But they’ve said they would send an apology gift. Get ready to claim 2 Attack boosts :rofl::rofl:

I want 2 haste more :heart_eyes::sweat_smile:

Ember swaps only get you 1/2 the xp. And some of us can’t solo xp bases that give full xp because we don’t have access to the invader base in atlas. So joining is the only way to maximize xp runs.

Lmao. You flagged Bill :rofl::rofl:

But much faster and more reliable than expecting assist.
One normal Andy xp run is less than a minute. Doing twice is faster than solo run, let alone xp run with assist

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