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What is a reasonable amount of time to wait for a reply to a ticket once submitted? I know with start of an event (especially with bugs) and after the ban wave things would be a little backed up, but I’ve been waiting 5 days for a reply. I submitted a different ticket the next day when there was the bug with the event start and got a reply within 24 hours or less and yet still nothing on the first ticket.

Please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong section as this is my first time posting in these forums.

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Same here ! waiting on reply so that i can get my troops back i lost while attacking on banned players :unamused: but still no reply.

Post your ticket # here and @Arelyna and co I’m sure will check in tomorrow.

#980182 @arelyna no one has responded from 10th january, i attacked a banned player and lost troops.

#981349 was submitted on the 10th as well, thanks!

Hey all! I am sorry that the response time has been a little slower than normal. The ticket queue is mostly definitely backed up as it is currently sitting at 2.1k. Please be patient as we work to get through the tickets. I really am sorry that things are not getting answered as quickly as usual.


For what it’s worth I find under normal circumstance I can expect a response by the next business day. Often they will get back to you prior to that, depending on the issue. On easy questions I have gotten an answer within hours on the weekend even.

But yeah they probably won’t be back to normal for a while.

One thing to be aware of is we sort tickets by “last updated”. This means that if you update your ticket constantly with “what’s the status on this” it makes the ticket look more recent, so other tickets might get resolved before yours. The best option is really patience.

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I totally understand things are back up. I only brought this up on the forums because I submitted another ticket a day after this one regarding a separate issue and it was answered within 24 hours and I had been updating the previous ticket daily and have been since. So it appeared one got overlooked for some odd reason

Stop updating tickets, it actually pushes it further back in the line.

Ok sorry I misread that and maybe that was the problem. I understand now

Not sure why you’re doing this. Im sure there’s a good reason. However how abour sorting by first submission instead? Just make sure the agent closes off the ticket once resolved then you won’t get vampire tickets coming back over and over. :man_shrugging:

This way makes more sense to me. Reward the patient.

I suppose. But I can also see a situation where someone has been patient for say 5 days, submits a ‘any updates’ mail and get pushed down the list again :man_shrugging:

Usually tickets aren’t unanswered for that long.

So, without getting into a long debate on ITIL, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are doing the best with the tool they have and are aware of room for improvement. Let’s assume we are getting insight into how the tool currently works and not make them regret letting us know.

Yes most tools use FIFO, but it’s never that simple. I’m sure they have internal SLAs and managers run reports and all the normal stuff, but I find it useful to know the agents are sorting their queue by last update - oldest first. It informs how I will work with my updates.

I’m agnostic to how they want to run their support centre, just that not everyone but forum regulars will know this. :man_shrugging:

So, if you sort by first submission basically one person who never accepts a ticket as closed can earn themselves instant priority in the queue. Just keep a ticket open forever and update it with any issue you have, and it’ll always be older than any other ticket so you get pride of place.

Yeah, it’s not perfectly simple and it’s not perfectly FIFO as we have different buckets for different things, but FIFO is an easy way to simplify.

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Hence I added this point :slight_smile:

Anyway I don’t run a call centre and don’t pretend I know anything about them so my views are meaningless anyway :smiley:

They way most CRM work is “solving” a ticket is more “we think this is solved, do you agree” so that we don’t callously close out tickets that people still needed help in. It’s all a big tightrope walk where we try to piss off as few people as possible.