Support supports what?

What kind of response is this?

Depends what the problem was really. Hard to make a decision about something with only half a story

Agreed with Shell, you didn’t provide enough information to pass judgement.

That said, primary support is frequently useless. Elevation is typically the only thing that works, and even then its spotty.

“Just continue to play the game”
Is my favorite bit.


I know right! Forget what you said and who cares about what the issue is, but continue to play the game.

so what was the issue?

The issue was a team with average player levels of 80-90 declared war on us with 3 random loaded accounts. 300+ level accounts with 200k lifetime medals. I have the screens. So I asked that our defense resources be returned to us. Hammers and whatnot. I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s an unfair request. You’d figure after reporting such players they would immediately take action?


I know it seems insignificant to some but it really aggravates me to have to play against cheats and hacks when I play the game fairly.

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  1. Not a cheat or a hack - teams have a range of player levels, and the 300+s can backup, but can’t initiate every attack, so you can still win if you run your 50, and they don’t.
  2. Your team made the choice to use hammer. You were defending against 300+s, so hammers were futile, but no one took the hammers from you, you spent them.
  3. Should everyone get their hammers refunded if their defence was unsuccessful?

So a stronger team declared war on you and you wanted your team to be compensated for it? Yeah, that is an unreasonable request. If you knew you were going to get steamrolled then just take the L and don’t waste your resources.

I hate to sound callous about this, but you’re asking for a refund for losing in a PvP game. When I get my butt kicked at Street Fighter because the person who had next plays at EVO they don’t give me my quarter back.


I think the point is that level 300 accounts would usually have more than 200k lifetime medals so are probably hacked.

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The 3 accounts were hacked would you like the screens? The team itself was not stronger. Only the 3 hack army.

So report the hackers and wait, like, I dunno, everyone else that plays the game does? Yeah, you might take a loss in the meantime waiting for the alleged hackers to be investigated, but why waste stuff on hackers? Personal pride? Hey hackers, we defended against you. We tough. And still lose, and lose a ton of hammers, etc.


I do not know if that loaded or not. Find out in a second. But reading comprehension is key people.

If you think they were cheating, report them via support.

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I did. And they were still there.

If this is a post about hackers… clarity in communication is key, people.

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Do not post screenshots of specific accounts here. You’re gonna get a forum ban.

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