Support Ticket/CS critique


I was going to make one huge post covering all of the critique I have thought of over the past months when I could only read forums… but I haven’t the time to do it in one shot, so I will break it up into topics…

This bit is concerning the way in game tickets are handled and how PG might improve upon the system, which, to be honest, is a huge frustration for many players (which causes them to come rant on forums)

a) Aside from the initial acknowledgement email, there is no clear inidication that PG rep has replied. No “push” notification, no icon pop-up; you have to go into Help to check messages. So usually by time it dawns on you to check, you’re getting a “coversation closed” message.

b) The method for closing tickets is way below the standard for ensuring maximimum CE (Customer Experience). The standard is 3 attempts to contact the customer (2 of which must be different contacy methods).

My suggestion is that you allow customers to optto receive an email to the address used for their Pockey ID OR an SMS message to their phone (customer’s choice)

Yes, this will leave your tickets open longer, but will keep you from being bombarded by the same player repeatedly for unresolved issues. Trust me, less incoming tickets will help you prioritize your bigger issues.

c) My last ticket was closed without delay after claiming to habe resolved yhe issue. There was 0 time given for me to confirm resolution.

d) Allow tickets to be reopened by the customer up to 3 days after closure. This will also decrease the swarm of new tickets you receive. Also, you will be able to track actual resolutions better. AND players with intermittent issues can let you know if the issue returns, without starting the process from scratch.


Whenever I get a reply to an in-game ticket, I get a message at the top of my screen when I log into the game and there is a red popup number on my Settings icon. I guess you might have a setting turned off or maybe there is a bug.


I like what you have up here.

Would like to add; it would be extremely helpful for PG employees replying to the help shift messages to double and triple check their information before sending it out to someone (i.e., just know what you’re talking about and make sure it’s true). There have been countless times that what a PG rep told me was false, and that can be substantial to varying degrees.


Hey Macab,

Thanks for writing this. I run the support team, so I always enjoy seeing feedback. There are definitely places we can improve, and we do have a few things in the works.

a) We’re testing a new CRM that will refresh the badge on the gear icon to let you know your ticket has been updated.

b) In my experience we’ve received the highest reactivation and satisfaction with 2 notifications: 1 to let them know that if they don’t reply within X time we will close the ticket, and one to notify that the ticket has been closed but they have Y amount of time to reopen the ticket. Generally more replies than that gets us accused of spamming. If you have some links or data to support the 3 contact approach I’d be happy to review it though.

SMS isn’t an option that our CRM supports, but our new CRM will. We’d have to gather player phone numbers though, which is a bit complicated.

c) I’ll take a look at your previous ticket and see what’s up. Was it “resolved” or “closed”?

d) Closure and resolution are a couple of different things. If a ticket is “resolved”, there is actually a window in which you can choose that you do not accept the resolution and the ticket will remain open. If the ticket is “closed” or “rejected” you will have to create a new ticket.


I was thinking the same thing. Admittedly I’ve only submitted a few support tickets, maybe a half dozen or so since I started playing, but they’ve always been responded to quickly and I consistently see an icon on the settings gear when that response comes through. I find it to be rather fast an efficient, and I don’t have to explain the same thing five times.


Lucky you! Don’t know what it is but I certainly do not get any sort of indication someone has replied either.



It’s good to know the CRM is being looked at and, based off replies on this thread, I can surmise the repsonse notification is likely a compatibility issue between App/OS/CRM (just not sure where the break is).

Regarding my metrics for 3 point contact, I don’t have any raw numbers anymore, as I’m not in the industry any longer. However, I could see how, with your ticketing system, 2 points may be sufficient. However, I would strongly suggest adding a “preferred contact method” , so that customers can select where communication willl go in addition to the Help window.

Regarding my ticket((s) they were alll just closed due to delayed response OR they sent me some info saying it should be fixed and to start a “new conversation” if anything else was needed , which is where my request to allow customer too reopen comess from.

I’m not sure if thisisthe CSR selecting the wrong method of closure or an issue with the CRM, but I would strongly suggest scrubbing your “resolution” metrics, because I have never found a way to reopen the original ticket.

Anyways, thank you for addressing this issue. I will habe more feedbacl posts as I have time, but if you desire any further input on this topic, feel free to ask.


I agree, pg need to sort them selves out. I lost the contents of 20 gold chest which included 2x 225 sigils 3x125
5x400k food packs
Amongst a few things that magicly disappeared after there server/game crashed after opening them all. So naturally if I haven’t spent the sigils there still there but there not?!

And also I had the 100% token boost for the past 3 events and guess where that’s gone? As pg don’t know? And then shut my complaint down.

I’ll say this to pg we are your top line not your BOTTOM LINE.

Show use some dam respect and fix the ever mounting update problems. As I know of 4 that you still have from last June that you still haven’t fixed. Farm food and wood protection is one of them. A whole year and you still havent fixed it😂. Move out of the way stevie wonder wants a job


This is only PARTIALLY correct to my understanding.

Android users do NOT have the option to reopen ANY tickets.


Fair, that’s correct. This is being updated with our new CRM. In our new CRM any reply to a “solved” ticket within 48 hours of it being resolved will result in the ticket being reopened. Replies after 48 hours will generate a new ticket that includes a reference link to the previous one.


Lovely idea! Looking forward to it.


I agree with most of what you have posted. However I disagree with three practices I have observed since starting to play this game in April 2016. What I find most aggravating is when I receive a response that doesn’t correlate to the problem such that I have to respond asking them to please read closely what I wrote as their response doesn’t make sense. Secondly, posting a boiler plate response that is exact same verbiage as answers to various problems on the FAQ, it has gotten so that I have to begin often telling them I have already tried the basic potential fixes and do they have any other suggestions. Third, closing a ticket when the problem still exists and telling me to monitor through the current bug fixes, and when I check, the problem isn’t listed! I had this same problem with IT in the Corporation I recently retired, they would attempt to close a ticket I entered so they would look good based on number of closed ticket counts. If the problem is still there, keep the ticket open, provide a ticket number to the player for tracking purposes such that they can check in on progress. But don’t go closing tickets, better to mark them as unresolved.


There are a couple of things at work here:

  1. Our team has pretty limited tools available to us. We have a new toolset coming out pretty soon that will give us some more options to take, but asking people to take annoying basic troubleshooting is necessary because we can’t see if you’ve read the FAQ or if you’ve taken the steps. Our new CRM will show an agent if you’ve looked at the FAQ, and we may get some tools that let us see if you’ve done certain troubleshooting steps already.

  2. The support ticketing system isn’t necessarily about resolving a global issue, but informing about the status of something. Now, if an agent says to check the Known Issues and the issue isn’t there that’s totally a failing on our end. If an issue requires global engineering work though we don’t leave those tickets open because there’s literally nothing the support agent can do. It’s better to close the ticket then have it re-opened at a later date if required. Having a bajillion open tickets clutters the queue. It’s not even about making metrics look good, because it wouldn’t be hard to filter those tickets out of our metrics. It’s much harder to filter them out of what agents / admins see.


Quite frequently I see people complaining that support told them to try a solution that the player specifically stated they have already tried. This has happened to me too and it really makes you feel like support isn’t reading what you wrote. It gives the impression that support is picking out keywords and giving a pre-written response based on that without actually reading and understanding the question


There are some people who just say that they did it in the past but not the moment it was said to them.

I have a friend who is having trouble with his internet. I said to troubleshoot it by doing this and that. He said he already did that. I came to his house and did the troubleshoot and the internet is working.

Sometimes anger can make you forget and just say you already did it even though its not. I do some pc troubleshooting in my neighborhood but it’s pretty frustrating when they say they did it but they actually didn’t and just want me to go there to fix it myself.


Yeah I know people do stuff like that haha. Point here was more about how the person seeking help feels. People feeling like they’re being ignored isn’t fun for anyone. I think acknowledging that “hey, I see you already tried reinstalling but could you try it again to make sure we cover all the bases” would do a lot


for you i think you can still think like that. But the frustrated players? they will think that the customer support is being sarcastic instead of actually thinking they care.

but yeah, to each their own i guess. no one will be satisfied and people will think that the support is making fun of them if they become too nice.


There are definitely no-win moments in support, but we can definitely improve in our bedside manner in general.


This isn’t about me though. I’m basing off what I see people say in game and especially on Line. I generally see people here respond to extreme politeness much better than when something in their ticket was not addressed. If they’re already mad yeah politeness could definitely be interpreted as sarcasm but those people will probably be mad no matter what lol

But I’m not even talking about politeness really. It’s about making sure people know that yes, a real person actually took the time to read your ticket and that the response given answers the question


This. Every time.

I’ve had a couple of times where it feels like my ticket isn’t read, not just for PG but all games/items/technology. Ensuring the ticket is read fully and that the person responding addresses content like “I’ve already tried X” goes a long-long way. I worked a support desk for years and making your customers feel valued is the best way to get them to be patient with long-standing defects. I used to run training for support teams on customer delight. Thanks, @PGJared, for responding and being open to feedback. Sounds like the new system will help a lot. Maybe on the input for tickets there can be a section to ask us what we’ve already tried? LOL