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Does anyone even check the ticket s any more? I have submitted 3 in the past day. But it seems the quick, or any responses I use to get, I started now dead and gone.
Latest ticket which I hope someone will take the time to look a ticket is about game play. For the past 3 hours I constantly get sync errors, connection to server errors, or need to be connected to the internet warnings. It is getting worse and worse. Even as bad as attacking the same person 3 times, and still not have the points register. Can we please get this taken care of.


if you can’t seem to get a fast response then expect that the queue on their end is heavy. might be like 500 tickets?


Same here, whole team wants to push in last round and can’t! Frustrating


I can’t attack either and neither can my team. I’m so close to the next prize tier but I keep getting you need to be connected to internet to play error messages. I’m connected to my awesome WiFi and I know I have internet. But if I turn in a support ticket all pg will say is it’s my internet so not sure if I should bother with a support ticket.


Same here


Same here… points not credited after successfull attack and inner lost…



In terms of the connection issues, please see our announcement here: Current Connection Issues

In terms of support, we try to get to every ticket as quickly as possible, but sometimes, we cannot control when there are more tickets than other. Usually if we are a bit slower to respond, it means that either our queue has a large number of tickets or we are in the process of working on a fix for your issue (which is likely being experienced by other users as well). No matter what, we always try to get to everyone in as timely as a fashion as possible.


Current backlog is over 700 tickets. Our team is working to grind the numbers down, but we’ve had a pretty big surge recently.


One thing to note is that with the new CRM you can absolutely shoot yourself in the foot. Tickets are sorted by when they were last updated, so if you message at 1pm and then again at 2pm and then again at 3pm it gets sorted as if the ticket was an hour old and not 2 hours old.

Quality of PG FO support

Oops to those impatient ones then! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think bring back the automated message but make it say exactly that - don’t keep updating ticket as it will move to back of pile. That way everyone knows (those that bother to read the message anyway)


Pretty much. It’s kind of set up that way to specifically discourage that behavior.


I’ve added another comment above - bring back the automated message


Messaging changes for the new CRM are in the works.


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