Surt game play omg PG you did a nice job


Surt, this has to be a joke

No, they introduce a totally overpowered dragon in the game a la finance department. There’s a couple things the finance department could to that would gain more money and be better for the game but introducing a broken dragon into a game teetering on balance is not one I would suggest.


They had to make something slightly harder than Oni, so they came up with a TWO button press dragon instead of a ONE button press dragon…


People were complaining about Pathox being OP.
Whats the qualification for this one? Mythically OP?
What’s the defense? Having many red towers?


We may see double reds in the future! :rofl:

But a red and ice flak will do the trick.


Storm and earth will hurt him if I can’t clear the red mage.

Same weakness as most sorc. Think back to Corthanak.

Haven’t seen him personally, but in theory those should slow him down a lot. Sorc are always good undefended.


Stop whining that dragons are OP. This dragon has his uses but is far less powerful than Pathox.


Welcome to the forums! :hugs:


Far less powerful as…pathox was lol


You know what would fix this? Higher level towers!


Why 80 - we need 100s!!


Now we need Jarl gameplay


No it doesn’t, Bc his Ragnarok is a dg the size of a fireball.


I’m not certain even lvl 100 towers would be enough :expressionless:


Why wouldn’t it clear the red mage? It has a spell flux that heals.


FYI, I’m an African Prince who needs to move 15 million dollars out of my country. Please send me your bank account info and you can keep 3 million.


Que? :thinking:


Shhhh, I need money for this dragon. At least before they Nerf it!


Hmmm since you didn’t specifically say Nigerian prince I will believe you this time.:wink:


I’m sure Surt will be nerfed next season. Nothing to worry about.

For example: a new flak with super shot that decreases all enemy spell traveling speed, so no spells can hit towers fast enough.