Surt game play omg PG you did a nice job


Because incinerate travel pretty slow and storm SS will protect the red mage before incinerate kill it and Surt will be screwed


Not necessarily. Im totally not 100% sure but you need to shoot Rag while turning then Spell flux and hopefully theres a window where Rag can hit before storm super shot. However storm in front might be impossible.


No. Storm can’t protect red mage.


Can storm protect vs Rag - that’s the question. No one is saying storm will protect vs incinerate.


Ghalaad is saying exactly that. Who cares if storm is active after, just hold rag and then aoe dg+ 3 rage


Ah missed Galaad’s comment. Yeah no - incinerate will kill red no matter what.

But, as you said, hold rag - that means

  1. vulnerable to ice flak
  2. get pounded by dark flak stun
  3. potential to die completely to 2-3 flak shots
  4. rage drained

  1. Ice flak doesn’t get rid of held rag
  2. DF stun and storm shield duration coincide
  3. Not at end game levels, 2-3 flak shots all get healed back as all 3 spells heal.
  4. La dee da: 0 rage, no health cost, 3 rage gain spell at your disposal.


That doesn’t sound OP at all.



just to add to it, nice elemental resist which reduces damage shit ton anyway.


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You mean level 1000 towers? Ragnarok Deals 10000% damage so we need to go even higher




spell flux/ incinerate kill through shields


What is this mystery anti-ice flak magic you speak of? Or is this how it works currently?


Crisis and Arelyna said theyre done with the flak series and no new flaks will appear.

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like any other are spell which dragon “shoots” , you can hold Ragnarok in mouth and shoot later even after ice flak disables spells.
Similar to freeze or fireball


Ah ok - don’t come across many ice flaks and don’t have one so didn’t know.


Just like pathox surt will be a rare thing to defend against I only seen pathox flown on my base like 4 times so I say surt gonna be the same way I was just showing how his skills work I mean next season you gonna have another op mythic


If I understand this correctly;
1)incinerate can get pass through storm/earth flak shield on red mage
2)ice flak ss won’t cancel prior casting ragnarok(ragnarok at his damn mouth) *same like tidal surge, ghost fire blast

:scream::scream::scream: I want Surt


May I know what your level is?
If it’s below 200, you would rarely find Pathox against your base .
Because it’s not common for low level players to have mythic seasonals. If they do, they are either extreme grinders or spenders. If it’s spenders , you won’t see them again in a month because they would have levelled up lot more .