Surt game play omg PG you did a nice job


I have to say it would be great if he was a bit OP. With Sorcs, they kinda have to be to overcome the whole “Sorc factor”. Would be great to have a decent mythic sorc for once. One that was actually a viable alternative to a hunter. Right now my line up is pretty much nothing but hunters. I’d love to be tempted to diversify. I’ll keep an eye on this one.


you see how warriors overcame whole “warrior factor” with Oni and Jotun right? That was still better compared to Surt. I’d be happy if it was something like Jorm, cool and strong but needs some thinking for sure. But not Surt!!! 3 rage generating sacrifice which in turn actually isn’t sacrifice but gives you health back? And elemental resist and area Death gaze


I think Surt doesn’t qualifies as a “bit” OP


You could be right. I think it’s a bit premature to know that yet. He didn’t seem that OP on the Twitch stream. There seem to be ways to take him down. But I admit it does excite me that Lutrus thinks so. :wink:


Just now I watched the video. These were of course first flights, but at obsidian he got quite a punch undefended. So maybe not that crazy op as said


I don’t know about this. “Burning Hatred” doesn’t convey a very positive message. I think PG needs to re-evaluate this spell. I hope whoever came up with this name will sit down and reflect on their life and realize things aren’t always as bad as they seem.


white-0 rage-short cooldown- regain health and instant 3 rage
They should add trap surrounding towers effect to this then the red spell to kill all


they have to at least think of a way to counter the spell set like hammering on pathox


I wanna go for Surt but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna see a mythic hunter next season :joy: :joy: :joy:


Maybe attempting to direct forum energy through a dragon? :thinking: Food for thought.


Question for GPF, have you flown both Surt and UVS, if so which one would you pick ?


I don’t disagree with you that he’s got limitations but from what I’ve seen his incinerate spell prioritizes red mage towers first, and his Ragnarok spell is as good as an AoE deathgaze. Where one can beat Pathox through hammer spam, Surt’s instant-kill spell take that strategy off the menu. I can see how he could be combated with a double red or a red and ice flak; but even then, if he is not killed outright his ability to recover both rage and H.p. rapidly means that it such strategies might be more of a speed bump than an impassable wall.


It looks like the flyer in video was selective if bases that could be easy to 1shot. Most of the towers only needed two basic swipes.
Does anyone have info on base level, tower level, defense rating and a vid with 2 defenders?

He does look awesome but I’m not so sure the dragon is OP yet until I have more information.

I could be wrong though?


He’s definitely OP. Not all bases have the same tower levels throughout and the ones he was swiping and 1 or 2 shotting were definitely the lower towers on the base, based on base power.

Granted, base power doesn’t tell you everything but it tells you a lot. The dragon is definitely hitting above his tier. I know I’ll be getting him, but will wait until the very end of the season, just in case a nerf comes his way. (although nerfing prior season drags seems to be no issue for PG)


10,000 TIMES normal damage with Ragnarok. It is a 5 tower Death Gaze.

IMMEDIATE KILL of red mage with Incinerate.

Heal with both spells

ZERO RAGE 3 rage gain - enough to Ragnarok AGAIN.

So, yeah - defitnitely OP.

It is a stupid dragon, two button press, don’t think just fly. Seems that’s the way PG is going with their dragon designs. :man_shrugging:


Purchasable “get gud” buttons

Make dragon really strong
Remove skill requierments
Get paid
Dolla Dolla Bills Ya’ll


I see what you’re saying. There’s no doubt this is a dragon that won’t take much skill to fly. But I don’t think it’s really fair to say that PG is moving everything in that direction. They have brought more skill into the warrior arena lately with Urd Turd. And even Huitzel (I believe?) had a timing element to him that was a little harder than warriors before him. (I don’t have either of those- just going on memory). Seems to me they are definitely trying to make warriors more skill-oriented (at least some of them).

And then there is Slyphen- a sorc who could be used like a hunter if you have the skill…
Definitely not a dumb sorc.


If he is op why get him?
Don’t you for see a Nerf hammer coming in near future?
From what I’ve seen PG did with previous nerfs made them near useless. If everyone unanimously calls Surt OP then he will get nerfed and possibly to an unplayable level like making Rage gain cost 1-2 rage just to get 3 or increasing rage required for incinerate or possibly making ragnork cool down twice as long.

How would you Nerf him?


Introduce spell scaling and reduce his damage to 8% of his hp :joy: Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


He is a dragon that could follow MANY tiers above his level. He is going to be an almost permanent addition to a roster. His damage is almost ten times Neptus tidal surge spell and that easily one shots a tier or two above himself.

Depending on how scaling works with towers in the future, this dragon has the potential to follow MANY tiers beyond his level. I would expect a garnet Surt will be able to follow harbringer tier bases and that’s a little obscene